A Walk Around The Gothic Quarter Of Barcelona

A stroll through the Gothic quarter of Barcelona is one of those essential events that must have all trip to Barcelona, not only because it is an area in which much of the city’s most beautiful elements of interest are concentrated but by its unique atmosphere and fun bars, shops and terraces. For more information see this site: Ben Bernanke. Barcelona’s Gothic quarter smells of history and breathe charm. He was the original nucleus of the city of Barcelona, the most ancient settlement which grew walled and protected virtually intact until the 19th century. Trace a path by Barcelona’s Gothic quarter will be very comfortable if you stay in a hotel in Las Ramblas, next to Placa Catalunya, since this is a perfect point to start the tour: formerly Las Ramblas were outside the walls of the medieval city, being this great street a large torrent which channeled water to the sea. Little by little, Barcelona was growing and Las Ramblas were integrated into its urban fabric in a natural way, still today the essential axis of movement by the Centre of the city and one of the points of greatest tourist concentration in the Catalan capital. To follow the walk down Las Ramblas from Plaza Catalunya, you can get to what was one of the major gateways to Barcelona for centuries: Portaferrisa; and callejeando, then move towards the plate of the Pi, with its beautiful chapel at Santa Maria de el Pi, which gives its name to one of the areas most emblematic and animated of the Gothic quarter. Here you can take a snack in one of the pleasant terraces that there are in the squares of the environment, accompanied by painters and jugglers that we will have a relaxed time, enjoying the benign Mediterranean climate. Resuming the tour, discovering streets and corners of other times, we will soon find the plate of the Cathedral, where in addition to the Majesty of the temple, we will see one of the few remnants remaining of the ancient walls. Leaving us lead, we can iterate a tomorrow El Call, Santa Ana, La Merced and El Palau and take back to eat in the restaurant of the hotel in Barcelona. Enjoy experiences magnificent resting in the rooms of the Hotel Royal Ramblas in Barcelona.

Felix Miranda Quesada

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Bonanza Golf

Kissimmee FL 34747 distance: 8 km from the city centre. Description: This attraction is located in the heart of the city of Kissimmee. Gain insight and clarity with Marc Lore. One thousand and one nights includes shows to Broadway-style, along with 14 breeds of horses, incredible stunts, special effects and add to it, good food. All this makes it a perfect evening. This unusual scenario makes the world’s largest theater and definitely should be visited! 4.

Ice factory address: 2221 Partin road solution Kissimmee FL 34744 distance: situated in the heart of the city. Description: If you have not practiced ice skating and wants to give it a chance to be welcome to the ice maker. Ice Maker allows ice skating to the public in general. He has trained staff guides you through the entire session, they also have ice skating and a DJ dance live, to which you have to book in advance. It is a different and unforgettable experience! 5.

The old city address: 2221 Partin road solution Kissimmee FL 34744 distance: situated in the heart of the city. Description: The charm of Kissimmee is at its peak when it comes from the Old town. This area is full of colourful shops, restaurants and rides. You can choose between a variety of different dining options and live music. 6. Fantasy Surf address: 5151 Kyngs Heath Road Kissimmee FL 34746 distance: 2 km from the city centre. Description: Tricks of skate, surf, wake-boarding, snowboard, walks on water, of course, in a controlled and safe environment. Along with these emotions and techniques, you can also enjoy excellent restaurants and surf shops! Don’t forget to try the flowrider pool, which is the main attraction and a fun super water ride! 7 XPX-Xtreme Paintball Xperience address: 1300 S. Poinciana Blvd.. Kissimmee FL 34746 distance: 4 km from the city centre. Description: Xtreme Paintball Xperience is a theme park designed for action and adventure games in a family atmosphere. And if it is the first time, trained staff don’t worry / players are there to guide him through all possible means, if you want to immerse yourself in these games of shots, which also have tournaments and prizes in cash to the winners! 8 Thompson address air balloons rides: 13825 Avalon road Kissimmee FL 34787 distance: 14 km from the city centre. Description: You will never regret money that spent on this experience in a balloon. In reality, feels as the ground beneath you is moving and no physical address at all. The crew is very professional and pleasant. While it is expensive, but the money worth! 9 Bonanza Golf and gifts address: 7761 w. irlo Bronson Memorial Highway. Kissimmee FL 34747 distance: 11 km from the city centre. Description: Bonanza Golf and gifts has a beautiful golf course and the small shops of small gifts with reasonable prices and great gift ideas to take home. Playing golf, followed by a dinner and then enjoy Hershey ice cream, makes a perfect night. 10 Air Museum address: 233 N. Hoagland Blvd. Kissimmee FL 34741 distance: 4 km from the city centre. Description: The rich Florida aviation heritage is shown here. There are a variety of aircraft, flight training, pilots and projects on the screen. You can also experience a genuine combat of World War II. This place is definitely worth a visit if you are in Kissimmee. So, now you know about the 10 things to do in Kissimmee. Get the suitcases reserve your ebooking and visit all the places mentioned above. Enjoy!

National Park

To visit the National Park of Masoala, we must navigate through the East coast of Madagascar. The Park, by the Supreme quality of its fauna and flora, is an important tourist place for Madagascar. Situated at 1,300 m of altitude, masoala is composed of primary forest, surrounded by beaches from the wild when the sea was formed by crystalline water makes the simply magical place. The Park is home to endemic species, many of them still undiscovered. To meet people and enjoy the exceptional natural wealth of Madagascar, therefore, it is essential to include in the trip planner the Masoala Park.

Near the Park is Arola Lodge, is one of the best places of accommodation for tourists who want to discover this wonderful area in the East of the big island. Many tour operator Madagascar promote the place in their brochures and catalogues. In fact, this ecological hostel is the ideal place to stay calm during the Madagascar stay amidst nature. Consists of 9 bungalows lining the shape of the traditional huts of Madagascar and comfortable, Arola Lodge reserves a warm welcome and delicious food for your customers. To Crown everything, offers excursions for tourists to go to the meeting of wildlife within the park such as the lemur Vari Roux, discover different species of plants such as orchids, fine wood or Palm of all kinds. It also happens that these animals in the Park, despite being endemic, made a brief visit in the course of the lodge, enough to delight tourists who stay on the site.

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