The Bill

Well, I'm leaving for me to do the fix you need, and now he will come tomorrow. – As you wish. The next day I leave work and go to the dealer as soon as I can, and I need the car. For more specific information, check out Joe Stillman. – Hey, come to my car. – Oh, I do not know if you can be …

as he has warned that coming …, should be alerted in time, man! – But if I told you yesterday that he would come today and not put any hits. – The fact is that we left this morning to borrow another client who needed it, and of course, if you had told us, we would have here, we should have called before. – I do not understand all I want to talk to the head of the dealership, I file a claim. – Complain, complain, no problem … I talk to the boss, and after struggling with it, I get to bring my car.

I will pay the bill, and I find another little surprise. – And these twenty euros? – Are the escrow service, because we care for your car. Or perhaps how much it would cost to have it in a parking lot? Pay the bill, and go from there quickly, before they can think of other things you would charge me. Pinch me to see if I'm dreaming, this is real, it seems so incredible … Incredible? This case is not as implausible as it seems extraordinary, all you have done is change the field of use.

Period Company

The change in these numbers that, if it perceives ahead of this analysis, it is it are of the standards, does not imply in diminishing them and yes in readequar them, but, a decision of this transport, will depend on some factors. One suggests then that, the dried leaf of payment either in those months where the invoicing falls considerably on account of the sazonalidade and that at time of bigger movement, either admitted a greater I number of collaborators. In figure 2 one perceives that 68.11% had not received nor a type of professional qualification, and that only 11% had received training in the quality from attendance. For being a rendering company of services, the same one will have to be worried in mainly giving to more training to its collaborators in the area of attendance to the public, characterizing its staff, the company will be improving its attendance, therefore, it will have prepared profissionaismais to exert its functions and at the same time it will be motivating its collaborators. What if it can analyze in figure 3 is that in the room trimester the company has an index of 20,74% of invoicing, being the minor of the period.

This value if of the one due to fall of movement of you house in the hotel for occasion of low the season. To verify the behavior of the invoicing of the company, the data of the period had been arisen and are distributed in four trimesters. The data presented in the figure above, exactly considering that technical the country is in an unstable environment monetarily, are not considered that it has had brusque fall in the prescription gained for the company during the analyzed period. However, ahead of the reduction of the invoicing, the manager will have to adopt measured to attract customers in these periods where the prescription costuma to have a small fall.

States Forces

Thus the individuals, companies and institutions politics reorganize and reorganize the area politics to get competitive advantages, through the dispute for the natural resources, hand of cheap workmanship, new commercial markets and bigger profits. To the considered being all the globe as competitive space, becomes necessary the attainment of the greater to be able possible for the success of each operation. For being able, it is understood as ' ' the ability of the individuals to impose its desires on others and to compel them to execute it definitive actions, exactly against its proper vontade' ' (MCBRIDE, 2011, p.441). The power can be applied for imposition and maintenance of the law and the order, which they co-ordinate, regulates and controls the collective behavior in a community or specific society, and also it are of it. By the same author: Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. Different levels of being able in the societies exist, as well as between the same ones.

Eric Wolf (1999) detached the importance of being extended to the level macro of being able, call of being able structural, which organizes and manages the sistmica interaction in the society and between them, with the direction of the economic forces and politics, beyond the ideological forces which mold ideas, beliefs and values. The concept of being able structural one does not apply only to the organizations politics, but also it is part of the new complex global forces which all reorganize and remodel the societies and environments in the planet. In the search for trying to influence the States, the corporations multinationals exert the structural power. The same it is associated with the relative importance of the company in the national economies. In other words, the national economies, in greater or minor degree, are structurally dependents of capital (BERHANGEN, 2003; GILL; LAW, 1993). Of this form, the structural power of the companies multinationals invariably is on with the transport of the company and the question of the mobility of the capital. .

Tax Havens

And in relation to global measures taken against tax havens? We understand that there is a contradiction, to clean up from scratch. Some people figure the underground economy in Spain around 200,000 million euros. And others, who argue that the “hole real estate” of the banks is around 100,000 million. Let the reader draw their own conclusions about the possible benevolence of this proposal. Maybe there was even a side effect that should be analyzed. If allowed access to bonds by foreign investors, it is likely that capital would come to our call to our European neighbors, users of the same coin. Could they then accuse us of dumping? This is suggested by my colleague, the attorney Felix Bornstein, who has discussed this same issue every time and in 2003 studied the Schroeder government opportunity to reorganize the German treasury.

Possibly yes, since capital movements could be a priori assumed enormous. But we must not forget that every country has its idiosyncrasies, and its role may or may not afford certain licenses. As Bornstein review, the armaments minister Albert Speer, in late 1944, when the defeat of Nazi Germany was now irreversible, called to arms to thousands of civil servants who left their management positions and joined the military. Especially noteworthy was the case with the bureaucracy of the Ministry of Finance, who flocked to the various war fronts. What explains this mass mobilization, in theory, left unguarded one of the vital centers of the State and the Administration of the Third Reich? While the answer seems incredible, the civil administration was not paralyzed because, quite simply, the Germans continued to pay, on a voluntary and spontaneous, their taxes in the midst of disaster and chaos, and much of the tax offices damaged or destroyed during the fighting. That conviction hacendistica arrives in that country today. However, Spain have in the field fraudster his Latin, and different historical situations, require different corrective measures. And speaking in “romantic knight:” Let’s do it ourselves before someone else does.

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