The Water

This is a sacred place where there is a nature reserve with a variety of monkeys. They say its inhabitants that during Holy week, on Friday, at 12 o’clock, in the Hill opens a door that leads to the interior and an object could be removed without delay, of the contrary contract illnesses and fears. The myth of the Valley of the Patia in time immemorial, the Valley of the Patia had no vegetation. Everything was covered with water forming a quiet lake whose shores were licking the feet of Western and central cordilleras. Variety of multicolored, brimming with fish from the top of the mountains and joy they danced in the water, the inhabitants of the Earth recreating his gaze watching her Green aquamarine.

Every day, when the Sun stopped in the middle of the sky, the birds of the cordillera central and Western put agreement to change of cordillera. They then flew over water, singing rhythmic tunes that gave rise to the bambuco patiano. The birds, to the interbreed formed a precious polychrome, so that the soul of the Lake filled with emotion. But the evil has always existed. It is not known where they came two monsters large and gray, with a huge, full of sharp teeth and thousands of feet trunk.

These monsters are interned in the sea and devoured the goldfish. Then, when the birds were his spectacle, the monsters jumped, catching many while flying and chasing the rest with his voice hoarse as of Thunder. Subsequently, they began to swim from North to South and South to North, skirting mountain ranges and began to drink the water. After that were all water monsters are swollen. With their legs and their snouts gaps opened two tremendous, were buried and fell asleep. Then, from their jaws began to sprout water spurting that eventually was diminishing. The water coming out of the mouth of the two monsters gave rise to the Patia and Guachicono rivers.

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