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It adapts well to the content of small apartments. Greyhound – a small dog, weighing about 4.5 kg. It is fast and smart, loves to run and play, but with great pleasure that will lie on the couch. Lhasa Apso – a small dog like a Born to a small city apartment. It weighs about 6 kg. For very busy people, this breed of owners is not suitable, because his hair requires constant care.

Among the monks of Tibet there was a belief that in these dogs Lamas migrated souls who have attained Nirvana. The Dalai Lama gave these dogs the Chinese emperors. Bichon Frise – obedient and faithful little friend, weighing 6 kg, which perfectly complement any apartment. He has long hair, which requires careful maintenance. Chihuahua – the smallest dog in the world, which certainly did not take up much space. This is a brave and loyal dog that will work great bell. Contact information is here: Marc Lore. Chihuahuas are unique and that move with incredible grace.

At first it seems that such a demeanor dog due to its size, but soon we can verify that a not insignificant role in its general appearance are a natural charisma and extraordinary mind. Pomeranian – a small fox, which has a weight of about two pounds. Pomeranian bold, decisive, self-sufficient, but he is cheerful and buoyant. It's a miracle, from which it is difficult to withdraw. It's funny fur ball, which is always ready to participate in all family matters. Maltese – long-haired dog of small size. Very fond of comfort and care for the needs of its snow-white hair. These charming white dogs are often presented as diplomatic gifts to the royal courts along with rare fabrics and jewels. Toy – thanks to its exquisite noble appearance, compact, good-humored liking, and ease of maintenance of the Terriers quickly gained popularity as a lapdog. Toy – Terrier has fun and playful temperament, very mobile, committed owner, follows him everywhere, and cries in his arms, hands calms down and falls asleep. He loves to play. Jack Russell Terrier – is not fastidious in food, does not require much grooming is very chistoploten and, importantly, has no characteristic smell of "dog." Jack Russell Terrier loves to run, jump, dig holes, play sports, but completely out of boredom may begin to spoil things. We hope this information helps you in choosing the breed of dog for his woman. Choose and order the puppy you are interested in the breed can be address:

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