Fashionable Skirts

Fashion Skirt – Women's clothing is an indispensable thing. Skirts in various styles and colors certainly present in every woman's arsenal. We can say that the skirt – is a universal thing, because it can combine many orders as holiday and everyday. In addition, properly chosen skirt emphasizes the dignity of the female figure and hides minor flaws. The fashion for skirts, as well as on any other things are constantly changing. On what skirts will be fashionable in the spring and summer of 2011, read in our article. Spring-summer season offers a variety of styles fashionable women skirts for all tastes.

In the spring of 2011 back into fashion classic skirt-sun. The length of a skirt must be to knee. The number of folds is chosen at will. Next fashionable style – a skirt-tutu. This skirt fits extravagant fashionable women who prefer unusual style. In spring and summer of 2011 will be trendy maxi-skirts. Maxi-skirts can be lush, flared or narrow. Especially popular will be long skirts with slits and smells.

Pencil skirt – one of the hottest models in 2011. This is an excellent option for office-style and for the occasion. Another classic skirt that will be in fashion, skirt-tulip. The main colors will be fashionable skirts white, beige, black, blue and khaki. In 2011, the designers suggest wearing solid-color skirts, or skirt with a variety of prints and ethnic motifs. In the spring will be the most fashionable leather skirt. Skirts of leather found in most collections of famous designers. This skirt can be any style, as long as it is well sitting on your figure. In summer, designers are invited to wear skirts made of light fabrics such as silk, linen and cotton. The summer season is characterized by lightness and weightlessness. Buy trendy skirts and join in the spring season with excellent mood!

Summer Shoes

Summer shoes, the preferences of men and women should be light and beautiful. Other leaders such as Larry David offer similar insights. And these qualities are one of the most important roles in the selection. But what about the durability and fashion? Obuv.Veb directory at the beginning of the spring season have been conducting surveys on over the spring and summer shoes. As it turned out, the majority of people prefer to wear shoes in the spring (about 28%), yet 22% of designer shoes boots of leather, suede, nubuck or. Sneakers – the most famous nosibelnaya and athletic footwear is used slightly fewer people in their everyday wear.

Thus little used accessory in the form of steel rubber boots. Although this year they were in great demand due to adverse weather conditions and type of rubber boots totally changed over time, often their designer shoes less than 2% of the people. Boots, shoes and boots – were at a neutral level – 13-16%. Summer Shoes – poll, the most fashionable summer footwear – sandals this summer as the same shoes? What is preferred that an enhancement in 2010? Sandals – just this type of footwear most nosibelen summer. 50% of the population – men and women are wearing sandals. As we know, this shoe has features of lightness and openness. Summer – hot time of the year, respectively, and the legs have to feel comfortable. But here is a distinctive feature of sandals – that is their design.

Sandals – is basically very nice, unusual, elegant and stylish accessory to the image. Shoes summer – It is also flip-flops, flip flops and ballet flats – which are about 15% of people. Where do without them in the middle of the beach the summer season. Shoe selection – is different for each person. The style and type of shoes should fit in character, lifestyle and health. Footwear Web directory – will always help you if there are difficulties in the hard shoe business. Take part in the vote.

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