The world-wide organization of health does not leave no doubt regarding the minimum amount of necessary hours of sleep for night: 16 hours for babies, the 8 9 hours for children and the 7 8 hours for adults. However, the estimates give account of that more than the half of the world-wide population has difficulty in reaching these minimum quotas. It is an enormous contingent of people victims of the sleeplessness under all its forms, of more brandas to most serious and chronic. Any one that already has passed for a sleeplessness episode knows that few situations are so overwhelming how much a night in clearly. The head does not stop to ruminate thoughts, the body does not find position favorable, the directions is not calmed, the hours passes slowly, until the morning bursts and in it finds them tired of what when in we lie down them. As to face arotina of one day of work, or study, for the front, after a night of these. when the episode starts if to repeat with an undesirable one frequency? What to make? The exit most common for good part of insones has been same to appeal appeals to it easy medicines to sleep. An exit that beyond the dangerous collateral effect still runs the risk to aggravate the problem, generating a vicious circle.

But, happily, other available options for who exist desire if to reconcile with its sleep. A new boarding, fruit of research and proper experience, suggests that it is possible to get bastantesatisfatrios levels of same relaxation in the nights where sleep costs to arrive. They are small attitudes of therapeutical effect that of course act on our brain sending signals of that it is in the hour to relax and inducing the body to sleep. A natural alternative in everything and for all the most advantageous one of what the artificial therapies. This boarding considers in first place that, instead of a external to be fought and subjected enemy, the sleeplessness is umacondio of the proper individual, a disequilibrium generated for emotional factors, normally associates enemy habits of a quality sleep, as the daily consumption of high doses of caffeine, gifts mainly in the coffee, the cooling ones and the achocolatados ones. When facing the sleeplessness as a consequence of the circumstances and/or the daily routine, – the first step in the direction to understand its nature and to accept it as one part all. From then on, this change of approach allows the search of more healthful alternatives to solve the problem. The meditation, in its simpler and accessible form, the induced relaxamentos for visualization, the cognitivas therapies that extend the corporal conscience, all an armory of inductive techniques of sleep is disposio of who desires to rescue the value of a rest night repairman. To manage the sleeplessness is the way for who does not desire more being dominated for it. It is inquired on the available alternatives to come back to sleep of course. Its nights, and its well-being, since already is thankful.


The sandals lowest had also come with everything in this collection spring summer. The calls trippings excuse the jump and appear of diverse forms and with many colors. The parts of clothes can be used with practically all and not only leave the trend for this station as for hottest of the year. Paul McCracken takes a slightly different approach. For the main trends we have the flowers, bows, print of snake, pedrarias, metallized and many strong colors for the color block. ' ' Rasteirinha can be used to even go to balada' ' , Russian, personal Malena says stylist.' ' The marks also had adhered and are using the low sandals in its catlogos.' ' The materials are varied, go since suede to the plastic and leather. Simplicity is another characteristic that appeared in the collections of all the marks.

By a time, rasteirinha was associated with one look deloused and inelegant. Under most conditions Will Forte would agree. With the new models this everything moved. They add sophistication touchs the simple parts. In this new collection they also complete the style Hippie Chic or Boho Chic that is in high with macaquinhos, dresses and long skirts and pants pantalonas. But she is necessary to be intent, rasteirinha is not a good feminine footwear to be used in the work.

Assisting Alcoholics

Nurses who work in relation you the abusive consumption of alcohol in the reception you workers Appeared Claude Martins Sheep After Graduanda in Nursing of the Work of the University Center of the East of Mines Generality Prof. Solange de Andrade Avelar Nurse. Master in Environment and Support for the UFV/UNEC. Specialist in Nursing of the Work for the College of Nursing Marlia de Marilac (RIO DE JANEIRO). Specialist in Hospital Management YOU YIELD for it? BH, Are Camilo (MG).

Graduated Nursing for the Federal University of Juiz De Fora (UFJF-MG). email: solangeavelar@ Orienting Teacher in the Graduation: Neila Moral Maria of Young chicken. Nurse. Occupational therapist. Specialist in Public Health for the UNAERP. Specialist in Activation of Processes of Change in the Superior Formation of Professionals of Health for the ENSP? FIOCRUZ.

Graduanda in Nursing of the Work of the University Center of the East of Mines Generality. email: original Article. Correspondence stops: Appeared Claude Martins Sheep. Address: Street Isa n 62? Quarter Cananzinho CEP 35164-072- Ipatinga, MG – Brazil. email: Claudiaenf2006@ Interventions of nursing in relation to the abusive alcohol consumption in the shelter to the workers SUMMARY the International Organization of the Work – OIT in the last few decades comes carrying through studies that Alcoholism discloses as ones of the main factors that provoke damages in the companies. They is also esteem that it has a great loss in the produtividades and for the world-wide economy, around 1,15% of the GIP, that represents 500 million dollar. These data demonstrate to this problem in the health and the agravos that take the society, also considering the use each precocious and alarming time, becoming necessary, to reach the user before if it becomes a dependent. Some researchers come suggesting form for the precocious detention of problems related to the alcohol and demonstrate the efficiency of brief interventions According to current literature, the interventions can improve the standard of use of the alcohol for the user, and not diminish its satisfaction with the submitted clinical treatment.


It possesss high degree of morbidade, over all in the adolescence and frequently they initiate and they affect widely and severely the development of the individual. More focus of the attention of the professionals is each time of the area of the health (psychiatrists, nutritionists, psychologists, psicopedagogos, gastroenterologists and endocrinologistas). He is present, in the nervous anorexy, an inexplicable fear to gain weight or to become obeso, exactly being below of the weight or more intensely, a supervaluation of the corporal form as a whole or of its parts, classically described as distortion of the corporal image. They affect young, white women predominantly and is the bulimia the more common alimentary upheaval, with the laxative use. The difference between sorts diminishes at the beginning in the statisticians of the adolescence.

In the men, it seems to have specific association the homossexualidade. Women in determined professions as athlete, models and dancers also seem to have increased risk of AN and BN and what it seems to explain is that in these activities a pressure bigger for attainment and maintenance of the lean body still exists (Johnson et al., 1999 apud Pinzon, 2004, p.158). They seem to be illnesses ' ' ocidentais' ' , therefore, they occur more in developed and industrialized countries (Guideline, 2000 apud Pinzon, 2004, p.158), mainly after 2 World-wide War, when a true confusion with the auto-image was created. Although already let us register the increase of cases ' ' orientais' ' with possible relation with the fact of the cultural entrance of ocidente in these countries with these references. (Lee et al., 2003 apud Pinzon, 2004, p.158). With regard to the genetics, relatives of first degree have greaters indices of these illnesses. This also occurs with monozygotic twin brothers (Kendler, 1997 apud Pinzon, 2004, p.159). Biological, these people can present a slowness of the esvaziamento of the stomach, or an alteration in the neurotransmitters.


At the same time, they had been appeared the minissaias and the women had started to leave the classic and then ' ' ultrapassado' ' fatal appearance. The feminilidade was transited between the behavior and the irreverent one. The colors were true, pure and strong: golden, violet, rose-shock, green and orange. At this time pop was marked the beginning of the American culture. Years 70? Eyes in freedom search. The beauty it starts to have a moral and psychological aspect. Ugly women do not exist, only exist women who not yet know themselves. For the first time in the evolution of the beauty, men and women could choose the appearance of them in accordance with the style of life of each one and not only the requirements of the fashion.

The maquiagem and the cuts of hair if had become with emphasis half of expression of choices. Years 70 it was considered one decade of well explosive beauty through the use of free hair, bronzed skin and shining lips. Years 80? Full eyes of movement. Through the estroboscpias lights, the golden and full youth of lantejoulas had the well red lips, the eyes were painted of blue-electric and the cheeks enhanced for blushes in the brick color. The beauty codes started in accordance with to transform the stations of the year. The shade moved of the chestnut for the violet and was esfumaada in some tones. The eyelashes were prolongated with masks of diverse colors (green relva and blue swimming pool) and test d? water.

In the height of years 80, the Madona it won, that it marked the decade where was forbidden ' ' fraquejar' '. Contact information is here: olympics. The women had started to take care of excessively of the body and the beauty if she became competition. Years 90? Less sparkling and more declining eyes. Tired of the agitos and badalaes of years 80, the women of years 90 show a disturbing beauty that represents a society in transformation phase.


She is necessary thus, to stimulate the worker to actively participate of the process of construction of a humanizao proposal, that is, to assist it to take it conscience of the reality, its existencial state and its proper capacity of mudana4. Negative factors of the professionals? High rotation, the flow of professionals in the UTI, to the noises of the devices, finishes generating one estresse very mental great in the professionals, thus contributing for humanizao lack; Absenteeism, to many estresse it times physical and mental caused for the daily conviviality with the suffering of the other, number of frequent deaths, limitations personal and material techniques, make with that these professionals leave to go to the work. Insatisfao in the work overload of activities, me the remuneration, high number of plantes, unexpected competitiveness between the proper professionals, intercorrencias is factors that generate estresse and insatisfao in the work, these feelings can take the depression, anger, depression and lacks reliable in proper itself, diminishing the satisfaction in the work. Doug McMillon contains valuable tech resources. Positive factors of the professionals? Qualification of the emotional ability, the professionals live in day-by-day with emotionally conflicting situations and of she estresse, for this one better physical and mental preparation in way is necessary that alternatives for overcoming of the frustrations create gifts in the UTI. The emotional care is of responsibility of all team of health, therefore these professionals must be to deal emotionally well with the familiar patients and. Continued education must be carried through based in the problems found in the accomplishment of the nursing assistance, these professionals need adequate a physical environment of work, also need a physical structure programmed to take care of the patients, constituting as well as facilitador of the humanizao of the assistance..

Exercises And Fatigue

Everything this has an influence in the organism in relation the factors of peripheral fatigue in the accomplishment of exercises and, moreover, in the replacement of energy before, during and after-activity. The carboidrato passes all for this process come to have a fall who starts to liberate the glucose is the liver as already said the top. Conclusion Was concluded in this study that due to importance of the carboidrato them athlete to be great power plant and assists in the esportivo performance of the same ones, this macronutrient is essential for our organism, being with that each gram of this alimentary component produces about four calories for source of deglutida effectiveness, that is, the gram of the same determines four calories for ingested power plant of in the athlete. The athlete ingesting the carboidrato it reduces the risk of the fatigue and will have, therefore a better condition of what of another athlete who does not make an feeding with the carboidrato, therefore this will have a muscular depletion with bigger probability of if fadigar more quickly. Then he can finish itself that the carboidratos must be consumed before the physical activity acquiring energy, during and after the physical activity so that is made a replacement of muscular and heptico glycogen.


A special attention has been given to the functions biochemists, in special to the neuroendcrino system (responsible for multiple physical and mental functions). In people who present alimentary upheavals, many of these regulating mechanisms are seriously compromised. Between the comrbidos psychiatric upheavals, we find: bigger depressive episode and the distimia (50% 75%), social phobia and TOC. The alimentary behavior seems to develop itself as a form to deal with stress and the anxiety, but that it only helps to generate guilt and depression. Abuse of substances and upheavals of personality also can happen. The joined traces of personality of more common form are: trend the obedience ' ' passiva' ' , introverts, perfeccionistas, possessing of low auto-esteem, feelings of hopelessness and fear of if becoming fat people.

Costumam to be good pupils and excellent athletes. Being thus, some factors of development of these upheavals are involved: biological, psychological, cultural and familiar. With regard to the familiar behavior, normally the family of these patients is very worried about the image, compares the children and is superprotective. The parents if interfere of form exaggerated in the life of the children. A recent study he demonstrated that the mothers very worried about the excess of weight and the physical appearance of the children they can increase the risk of alimentary upheavals.

Moreover, girls with alimentary upheavals frequently have extremely critical parents and brothers. When &#039 is compared; ' families of anorexia' ' with ' ' families psicossomticas' ' , the results are sufficiently interesting, therefore the dynamic if are similar very. The familiar interaction would be characterized by the superprotective education of the children and by the very close linking between the generations. The style of communication and interaction, in the families of this type, would be provoked by the alterations of the social conditions and the hierarchy of values, among others factors more, resulting in modifications of the structures and the role played for the individual, inside of the family.


It occurs in chronic way, generating restriction in the amplitude of passive movement because of fibrose. A related site: Marc Lore mentions similar findings. The x-rays can show to ostefitos under the acrmio and degenerative alterations in the joint to acromioclavicular. In these cases the treatment conservative can be the sufficient, however a surgical intervention considered can become necessary ‘ ‘ profiltica’ ‘ , therefore it goes to alliviate the painful picture definitively and to prevent the rupture of the manguito that generally occurs with the evolution of the illness. Period of training III – it occurs more frequently in patients with more than 40 years of age, in the image examinations observes it formation of ostefitos and contact of the head of mero with the acrmio, lacerao of partial thickness or, eventually, total thickness of the rotador manguito, with evident consuming of the muscles supply-spinal and infra-spinal. Possibly it can be found in the physical examination, looseness to capsular important, with multidirectional instability. The surgical intervention is indicated, that has as objective the acromioplastia and the reconstruction of rotador manguito. TREATMENT FISIOTERAPUTICO the majority of the cases of the syndrome of the impact can adequately be dealt with functional whitewashing. It is necessary, for in such a way, the accomplishment of a multicriteria evaluation, where it must be investigated the causes of the disfuno mechanics.

The main objectives of the treatment include: the reduction of pain and the inflammation, the reestablishment of the function escapulo-stabilizer, the reestablishment of the normal standards of the glenoumeral and escapulo-torcico movement, the reestablishment of the resistance and the force of the muscles rotadores and the long portion of the biceps, sensrio-motor reorganization and the return to the functional and vigorous activities of the shoulder, occupational and athletical.

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