Magento Enterprise Edition

Netresearch developed closed shopping community Magento based on Leipzig, August 11, 2010:, a new shopping Club for sports and outdoor, is online as of today. Stan Kroenke may find this interesting as well. Only registered users can buy reduced items of well-known brand manufacturers by up to 70%. Shop software, the operator uses private sports sales GmbH on Magento enterprise. Details can be found by clicking Roger Goodell or emailing the administrator. For the adjustment of the Mysportbrands Club model, the Magento agency Netresearch from Leipzig received the budget. is a closed shopping community established brands in the field of sport and outdoor. Under the motto “sports brands exclusive shop” also sports equipment and accessories include in addition to sportswear. The special feature of the Club model is the action nature of sales. Similar to such as summer or winter sales, products are sold in a limited period of time in a limited edition.

This mysportbrands strong discounts on the EIA of the manufacturer can offer. The concept includes also personalized offers and a recommendation feature incentives for regular customers. Use the shop software the operator on the E-Commerce proven platform Magento, which bring the best prerequisites for a shopping Club. Shopping in shopping clubs is under the so-called “smart shoppers” in the Internet is becoming increasingly popular. According to a recent study by Fittkau & Maass, 70% of surveyed Internet users know the model shopping Club. Any third party is registered even in such. Are the reasons for the success of shopping clubs on hand for Thomas Fleck, CEO of Magento agency Netresearch, which has already developed based on Magento online shops for renowned fashion brands such as “Michael Michalsky”,: “with a shopping Club fashion shipper without losses reach the desired target group and retain the customers in the long term. So far, the effort to set up a shopping Club, many shop operators was too high. In the Magento Enterprise Edition, a closed shopping community is already integrated and can be individually adjusted according to the product range.

Beueler Bahnhofchen

The Bonn online magazine launches revamped design Bonn. Winter sleep in Bonn is now finally over: City Magazine starts matching to the beginning of the spring today with its relaunched website. And many new add-ins, which provide a good overview of the activities in Bonn and the surrounding area. Publisher George of Earl is convinced of the digital shedding of his magazine: we give the Bonnern an exciting, fresh medium at hand, to rediscover their city throughout. “Maybe wins the one or the other with revolutionary new insights from Bonn, which he previously didn’t know.” “Accordingly is the new slogan of the Bonn magazine conquer your city”, the editorial staff as a clear call to all Bonner and Bonnerinnen what want to know understood. It is not something CVS would like to discuss.

Representative for this Declaration of war against homemade boredom wakes the namesake Bonaparte”in the new logo. The editorial staff has given is not only himself with the long-awaited relaunch in the anniversary year: users will benefit from the clearer lines, the fresh look-and-feel of the portal and lots of practical Web 2.0 features. How about creating an own appointment calendar, which you can tune directly to his friends, whether it should be dear after job party or Pantheon”, so George of Earl. Furthermore, offers even more information about the Bonn calendar readers: where can I find the best pubs in the old town and where the best Italian between Venusberg and Duisdorf? Now can operate each user as a restaurant critic or introduce his favorite watering hole on In addition to the improved overview and many other features, users now can see who danced on the main events of the federal capital. In collaboration with virtualnights”, the new photo gallery on shows the beautiful and slant of the night. But it is not the (party -) faces of the city and the fresh design of the Web portal to discover. There conquer your city under the motto”the Bonn are now urged to find their personal Rheingold somewhere between Beueler Bahnhofchen, floodplains, and Kessenicher small culture! More info under: Bonn-distinctive City magazine for Bonn conquer your city! Power reform new media GmbH Mr. Georg of Earl North Street, 73a, 53111 Bonn

Brotz Copenhagen Street

The new beginning of the beautiful life experience different lifestyle! In the modern, fast-moving time many people have forgotten entirely one thing above all: to dream and to feel the pleasant things of in life! To achieve the turnaround here, FreeDays has launched a project in the life that is to be made together with the readers. It involves the FreeDays lifestyle magazine and can be used as a community of type of or platform for the new generation”to be considered. Addressed are the self thinking ends and the self-employed, entrepreneurs in the online business and those who want to be there. This magazine aims to show readers what lifestyle can move about and above all means. FreeDays conveys pure optimism and the new style, geographical freedom to live in–thanks to the Internet age! The magazine should brought the beauty and positive of life once again in the Center.

The magazine introduces interesting people have managed to love themselves and their lives. Good examples, very interesting contributions and the reader should learn media topics after again to come closer to the own happiness. This can be in terms of content to the theme of travel, but also the possibilities of the World Wide Web be just all that which will lead to the geographical freedom and own satisfaction. FreeDays wishing that people can dream again! From a perspective of other, interesting and thanks to valuable articles readers have a promising bright spot in the future! More information under: FreeDays owner:

Mommy Web Magazine

Creates a new online magazine for mothers and families it is finished: since 12 August, the new Mommy Web Magazine is available online. Equipped with new sections and current contributions on topics such as fertility, pregnancy, health & safety, partnership and family life, it offers a wide range of topics, providing that each interested Mommy, what she are looking for. The editorial team is complemented by specialists such as gynecologists, midwives and nutritionists here. In the new Mommy Web Magazine, which also missed an all-round renewal, exclusively high-quality editorial content will be published now. Previously, it was possible to publish articles in the magazine to all users except Mami Web employees. These are now clearly distinguished from the editorial.

For this reason, there will in future be a separate feature for Mommy Web users, where they can represent exclusively their own contributions online. Mommy Web: Mommy Web is that with over 255,000 registered users largest German online portal for mothers and women who want to be there. A new Member of the free community, which was founded in June 2007 registered every two minutes. Mommy Web daily over 10,000 posts will be posted. Mommy Web thus belongs to the largest and most active women-specific websites in the German-speaking world. Mommy Web offers tips from moms and advice from professional women, daily new articles in the mommy Web Magazine and lifestyle blog, contact mothers from the region, practical functionalities (E.g. photo albums, ads, chat room) and the ability to create your own Mommy Web groups with subject-specific or regional alignment. Press contact: Mami-Web GmbH, Natalija Krenz Tel.: + 49-69-4898166-0 E-mail: author: Valerie Dietrich

Paduano Board

Happy user tell their personal love story Munich, 02.12.2009 now, because the advent season is approaching, this time it’s time for positive news, to those sad face, because they spend this time unintentionally alone again to show that something in their situation change can be. So seems the motto of activagers (, the free community for the generation of 40 plus to be that enables its users recently, to their personal success stories on the net. The idea is quickly told. We got lots of positive feedback from people who have found by activagers new friends or even a new relationship and we hope to encourage other people, with these success stories more aggressively to take advantage of the opportunities of the Internet”explains Dr. Nello Paduano Board. The start of the new series, the magazine of the website under the heading partnership, love and sexuality ‘ will find their place, makes an editorial guided true story. The editorial treatment of the story is done at the request of the parties who want to preserve some anonymity in this way and still have all their positive experience part let. Basically, is it but whether they make use of the offer, free of charge and after vote editorial revise their story, or simply like of them actually witnessed her story the users (and his loves), want to set in the activagers magazine.

Dr. Paduano to: the idea is actually the users and users tell their stories themselves, but since all kick off is difficult, we offered our support the activagers member at his request in the concrete development of the first article and want to do so in the future. The success stories are nevertheless based on a true story, changed only the name of the user.” Activagers encourages its users and users until the end of the year their personal (love-) story to submit. The theme of love must at all are not in the foreground. Activagers is finally no pure brokerage, but sees itself rather as a community for the generation of 40 plus and 50 plus, free allows users to form friendships and to find the soul mate, even with luck and the international. When these friendships then more, it is of course all the more beautiful for everyone. “Dr. Paduano to conclude: every story stating, how someone could extend his personal social network by activagers no matter whether it is about a new friendship or partnership can be told.” Activagers: Activagers is a free offer of VIVA49PLUS AG (Munich), which develops online content and operates, specifically tailored to the needs of the more mature (best agers). Press contact: Ole Bandy email:

Flexible Magazine Shop

Read journals without subscription. Easy and fast! The online magazine shop by cross read your favourite books provides punctual and comfortable home without any obligation to include the magazine subscription with a minimum maturity. We know that many clauses, which can quickly diminish the pleasure of reading lurking in the dense foliage of the journal provider: long contract periods and notice periods, as well as waiting times of up to six weeks after the order until the first delivery of the journal are common. It is also most laborious or even impossible, to replace the ordered magazine with another or individually to determine the delivery period. Others who may share this opinion include AMA Research. It is different at the new cross read-magazine shop. For more information see this site: Marc Lore. Here it comes to uncomplicated and flexible reading fun, where one must note any notice periods or small print. The customer stands with his wishes in the heart and passes easily through the concise navigation Guide to his favorite magazine.

Cross read attracts its customers not opaque Premium offers and false promises. Instead, the shop focuses on a simple and transparent approach of the customer and assist the magazine itself cross read the focus. Another advantage of cross reading are the very simple instructions. It is possible to change the previous magazine or to order more magazines to at any time. This is all done exclusively online via a free customer account, which is generated during the first order.

Here, the necessary settings and the own personal data with just a few clicks, even administered. As a customer of cross reading you have the possibility to choose from a portfolio of over 100 offered magazines. The same whether you are interested in culture, politics, or travel, for all areas there appropriate magazines. The offer of magazine publishers is big but what magazine is right? A magazine designed to meet not the desired reader, it can be at cross read online flexibly to the next release date against another magazine, be replaced.

Mediascale For Privacy

ePrivacyseal certified targeted online advertising of the Munich-based agency from the service plan group in Hamburg, February 26. mediascale sets with the targeting system N.E.R.O. on a selective use of advertising on the Web and thereby comply with the requirements of data protection. So that qualified the Munich-based online agency for the privacy seal ePrivacyseal”ePrivacyconsult of the independent data protection specialists. The seal of approval confirms an exemplary implementation of privacy, beyond legal requirements. Privacy can be fast on the delicate subject.”explains Prof. Dr.

Christoph Bauer, Managing Director of ePrivacyconsult. mediascale can place ePrivacyseal confidently with the positive opinion of the data protection to customers and also consumers”. Because we use for targeting consumer-relevant criteria such as purchasing decision stages, interests and attitudes, we are pleased to signal to us, with the ePrivacyseal that user data, taking into account all applicable privacy policy only Anonymous is collected,”says Julian Simons, Managing Director of mediascale and summarizes: efficient and clean messages in a fertile environment place, for stet NE.R.O. EPrivacyconsult ePrivacyconsult GmbH was founded in 2011 and advises companies in the digital media industry in all questions and challenges of data protection. Meet certified as independent service provider ePrivacyconsult with the data protection seal of approval ePrivacyseal”companies and products, the high standards of data protection. The data protection seal of approval is awarded for high privacy Alternatively according to German standards or according to EU standards. Prof.

Dr. Christoph Bauer worked out together with a team of technical consultants and experienced privacy lawyers data protection solutions for companies operating in the digital economy in Germany and Europe, he supported the EU on privacy issues and regularly publishes articles and gives lectures on the subject of data protection. ePrivacyconsult allows companies the Active dealing with data protection a sustainable competitive advantage in communication, marketing, user acceptance and trust with data protection solutions on all online channels including websites, mobile applications, advertising and cloud services. About mediascale GmbH & co. KG mediascale ( is the market leader among the providers of success – and sales-oriented online communications and operates with a.R.O. one of the leading Targetingsysteme in the German market. The Munich-based agency manages for her customers of billings amounting to more than EUR 85 million. It is part of the service plan group, Germany’s largest owner-operated agency. mediascale (founded in 2002) is run by Wolfgang Bscheid (50) and Julian Simons (40). The Agency employs 36 people and cared about 35 customers like ADAC, BettenRid,, Gothaer insurance, NAA, myToys, Sony music, SportScheck, Telefonica Germany and Thomas Cook. mediascale is also the most excellent Agency at the renowned new media awards in the category of efficient communication”.

Finally, Tribute Package Is Online!

Memorial free now on long ER live. If Internet users die, is often unclear what to do with the whole remains in the network. Anyone need worry about it. Long ER live… Death does not break and is our constant companion. The death makes life so valuable and only he himself determines the end of worldly existence. Love is stronger than death and mourning is the continuation of this love. offers help to overcome this grief.

Create a memorial for your beloved deceased in a few steps. “What long ER live in the tribute package offers: create a biography up to 600 photos videos in highest quality process blocks secure book of memories of your own pages for family, profession, for the story of a beloved deceased hobby they go completely in your possession over the unique contribution we Euro 79,-guarantee the security of the data with the tightly bound book of memories” all visitors have the opportunity to leave a condolence entry which immediately becomes visible. Another highlight is the Preview”button. The page designer can always show the preview of the tribute. It is unique among the existing portals in mourning. If Internet users die, is often unclear what to do with the whole remains in the network. Anyone need worry about it.

Long ER live, cares for as a digital executor, in the event of death to your Facebook and email accounts. A loved one dies, it is not always easy to align the right funeral for members. For most Christians, the burial is carried out still frequently viewed. “But you knew that even a diamond funeral” (diamonds from ashes of deceased persons) are? More on

The Down

the down under the most people “wedding album design” imagine: go page by page through your design and make it look good. When this process: allow more space beautiful and important photos. At Walgreens you will find additional information. A good wedding album design in depends largely quality of his photos. Therefore, you should allow more space than average photos beautiful (sharp, well lit, high-contrast, interesting) photos. Consider also the “emotional importance” each photo.

For example, the inclusion of the “first kiss” has more emotional importance as a portrait shot of the priest. Search for photos, which look nice and are also important. This must be represented as the other photos ever slightly more prominent. Use a background color or a background image. Click Walgreens to learn more. Depending on your overall design style you should work almost always with a background color or a background image. The photos appear on layouts without background (pure white) frequently insecure in the air to float.

Add decorative photos. If you have decorative photos suitable to the theme (those that depict no persons), don’t forget to add this. Decorative pictures give your wedding album design color and are often well qualified as wallpapers. Improve your photos if necessary and possible. It is likely that some of your photos are very important, but also very poorly absorbed (too dark, too light, low contrast, strange coloring). To correct these errors, use the functionality of your wedding album design software. As I already said, the quality of your wedding album designs from the quality of your photos depends. Share the space. Each two-page spread is a large horizontal rectangle Designer from the point of view of the wedding album. If you fill this rectangle with photos that can quickly end in a confusing mess. Therefore, it is important to share the space with a number of techniques (see next chapter). Share the space on. There is to split multiple techniques to the space on your two-page spreads to make sure that the layout clearly and acts as a whole and each photo is recognizable: group by colours: very full layouts, especially those that operate without photo frames and dividing lines, are to read easier if they represent grouped photos for colors.


Competition & garden tinker competition on with children competitions to the wide range of topics take place at regular intervals, to reward the best ideas of the platform with great prices. Recently launched two new competitions! A competition revolves around the theme of Garden: all around the garden care tips or decorating ideas, whether cutting instructions for cutting back bushes or harmonious combinations of flower, here’s all demand what belongs to a pretty garden to! High-quality prizes by Manufactum lure to participate. Who so his spring work in the and around the garden around expresses, can take part completely uncomplicated competition by ex PLI at the Garden: Garden competition In the second competition will be looking for ideas of leisure for children. The best how-to tips and game guides are tinkering with children “competition with interesting prizes from Buttinette awarded. Whether games for outdoors, craft ideas for Easter or any other occasion or Cooking ideas, which inspire little chefs, all ideas can take part. And it is no matter whether the MOM or Grandpa makes his creative ideas with the offspring to a manual: crafting with kids competition is also quite simple at the competitions! To interested parties need only completely free of charge and without obligation at to register, to write an original manual (how one finds well explained on the page itself), and you’s can go. The winners are determined by reviews, which can emit all members. Press ex PLI

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