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News from the PR agency PR4YOU Berlin-based PR agency PR4YOU optimized from now editorial content and bring their customers in the search engines on a direct route to the top. “According to the recently published study Europe logs on: Internet trends of today and tomorrow” the Microsoft Group Europeans will spend more time on the Internet starting in 2010, as before the TV. Microsoft after two and a half days of Internet usage per month then face two days watching TV. Thus, also searching for companies, as well as the purchases in online shops Gets an ever-increasing role. That is one reason more to do whatever it takes, to be found on the front seats of search engine results. The PR agency PR4YOU supports its clients starting immediately with the content-based adaptation of websites and online shops. We optimize editorial text for search engines such as Google, MSN or Yahoo and bring the information of the texts for the reader not only professionally, but also emotionally appealing to the point”, says Holger Ballwanz, Managing Director of the Berlin-based PR agency PR4YOU. For the editorial search engine optimization, also called ESEO (editorial search engine optimization), we research the most important keywords first. Check with Ted Elliott to learn more.

While we note the needs of target groups and check the tags of the competition. After the development of an editorial concept for the content of the texts we create them either new or revise existing text material. We focus in particular on the quality and attractiveness of the texts for the reader, but also on the current criteria of search engines. It’s believed that Kris Pearn sees a great future in this idea. For us, the optimum keyword density (keyword density/term frequency) is only a means of many efficient search engine scene to put in in the texts. This increases not only the number of visitors, but brings new customers!” Detailed information about the PR agency PR4YOU are available in the Internet at. Additional press materials of this press release: in the online press box, you can quickly and download just another image and text material for free editorial use: press compartments/pr4you contact for questions: Mr Holger Ballwanz, Mr Marko Homann PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche str. 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet: about the PR agency PR4YOU: Berlin-based PR agency PR4YOU is a full service agency for Public Relations.

PR4YOU supervised companies, institutions and individuals from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland regionally, nationally and internationally in the areas of brand PR, product PR, corporate PR, personality-PR, event-PR, fair-PR, personal PR, CSR-PR, crisis PR, online PR, radio PR as well as media planning and advertising circuit since 2001. The range from the strategic PR consulting to operational implementation to continuous PR support with variable and custom fee models. PR4YOU has many an own press database with editorial contacts Departments (for Germany alone over 30,000 records are available) as well as its own press shipping tool. Thus, PR Agency is independent of data vendors and mail delivery services.

GmbH United

“On the basis of the base maps from NAVTEQ or Tele Atlas shows United maps with to DE across Germany in an unprecedented level of detail up to 1: 2,000 of United maps introduces high resolution map of Germany: United maps with to DE shows more details and deeper zoom in the GeoWeb on the basis of the base maps from NAVTEQ or Tele Atlas all over Germany in an unprecedented level of detail and resolutions up to 1: 2,000 of United maps thus fills the holes between the road networks” with buildings, missing streets, squares and footpaths, with transport information and relevant content. As a vector map for use in B2B, the hitherto unrivalled product along precise house numbers and House outlines brings full navigational abilities and far completed semantic attributes of Westerland to Berchtesgaden. United maps’ map products bring in professional topology up to four additional zoom levels and many original POIs and content are so far lacking in conventional mapping services. United maps allows for the first time nationwide “mapping to the Pavement”in professional quality. Fields of application for United maps’ better cards are mobile devices and Smartphones, location based services and media (location based services and media, LBx) in online portals, as well as the internal business process optimization (BPO), logistics and planning.

United maps primarily serving B2B markets and professional customers. The innovation: While known base maps and OpenStreetMap with “field research” must bring high costs and covers in accordance, processed United maps with proprietary technology various licensed vector maps to significantly compacted and new card products. The experienced cartographic editorial guarantees best quality and continuous updating. United maps provides the frame of reference with standard products-based extensions for more accurate positioning systems and critical building blocks for the GeoWeb, the geographically-oriented Internet of the future. The United maps GmbH started in November 2008 and is supported by the High-Tech Grunderfonds, Bavaria Capital and SpaceTec capital partners.

In addition to Austria and the Switzerland follow more 200 global and European cities and regions. Contact United maps GmbH Stefan Knecht Agnes Pockels Bogen 1 80992 Munich Tel.: + 49 89 4521 393 0 profile of United maps is a company concentrated on vector cartography and geoinformation. Editorial from existing base maps are validated with proprietary algorithms, experienced cartographers and efficient workflows and advanced digital map products and Web services for mobile devices, online services, and internal company ‘business process optimizing’ (BPO) produced. ve-ohear-techcrunch/’>Justin Mateen has to say. With a unique level of detail and far-reaching editorial care, fill the omissions between the road networks of well-known online maps United maps’ maps with relevant content and enable novel applications and mobile services. The United maps GmbH started in November 2008 and is supported by the High-Tech Grunderfonds, Bavaria capital and SpaceTec capital partners.


Advantages of print media to online offerings belonging also to the people who already look forward before a barbershop on the current journals browsing? Or that it is a real comfort to make the wait in a waiting room at the doctor’s Office reading and scrolling exaggerating? Whether informative journals, or tepid entertainment, there is something for every taste. Hardly anyone would think, to prepare computers for this purpose is certainly not only on the cost! No – nothing like an interesting magazine in your hands! Everyone has his favorite themes or even complete favorite magazines, which he does not want to renounce. It’s believed that Aron Warner sees a great future in this idea. For most citizens is a subscription through the cost-cutting be sure sense, because if the magazine is bought but anyway, why you should not directly save money. Home readers appreciate also the delivery. If online media can keep up in this respect, so they can never replace that, what the “untechnische” reader enjoys and feels: eyes wander relaxed or also interested about the pages, colorful, not strenuous shine a counter, a certain, usually familiar smell is in the nose, and the information is available. And last but not least the reader can even grab the magazine and go with her, where he wants. It comes with and is ready, if you want to look into. Who has been constantly a laptop? And who would deny that it is tiring for the eyes with the time to read on a screen.

Caused by most professions people sit already already too often on their PC workstations, what also has been proven to harm health. Of course, nobody want to basically miss the advantages of online usage. But regarding a magazine subscription you would compare apples with pears. What could you give to online media, for example, his grandmother birthday? But everyone enjoys the gift, sometimes it can be be also a Miniabo to try out a new magazine. Of course, you should compare the different providers of subscription and take the deals closely.

Everyone can save through an individually appropriate subscription, students, for example, through a Studentenabo. For all age groups is guaranteed something, if you interested now for science or gossip, whether an elderly person slowly internalized the contents, or a teenager flying over the sites about fashion trends and pop stars and check out with girlfriends. There may be many people who would have only electronic media to sign up and run behind the mistaken belief they are especially trendy this. The majority of people appreciate yet the writing on paper, whether in books, newspapers or magazines. Contemporary magazines will always remain likely.

Nike Germany

Jan-Christiaan Koenders, Director of brand management of the BMW Group, for his company bluntly: the mobile channel offers many possibilities for customer-oriented services. The framework conditions for innovative services are steadily improving. Who manages to transform mobile innovations in customer benefit, can gain competitive advantages.” Schindler expressed unequivocally that Google actively will promote the use of the Internet by mobile phone, because already the mobile phone users with 3 billion greater than the number of PC and TV users. His opinion open platforms as drivers of innovation in the mobile Web are in demand. From the perspective of the agency side, Jens Nagel-Palomino, Chief considers innovation officer of VivKi (ZenithOptimedia), mobile as a construction site with a future. The elephant round has shown, that worked on many construction sites is to promote mobile marketing.

“It is important to encourage this exchange between disciplines and market partners, the potential of the mass media mobile” in the media mix fully to exploit and mobile as a standalone communication channel in Germany to make the success. This offer a great platform. the M-days” The participants were impressed: Mobile will have become very soon as integral part of the media mix. The potential of this medium is huge! I’m quite sure that the M-days will become a must-attend event for agencies and advertisers! “, says Gregory Hiller, senior brand connection Executive at Nike Germany. Stefan winners, CEO of TOMORROW FOCUS AG, however, already sees the M-days as leading mobile event in Germany. More at the Outlook: the positive response to the this year’s M-days motivates the Organizer 11 percent of communications, to offer the audience an even larger program in the coming year.

We have the Who knows how it will look next year managed to jump by 360 participants on 975 this year. I am firmly convinced that the M-days will continue to grow and attract more and more interested in”, are Carsten Szameitat, organizer of the M-days, confident with regard to the further development. “The casting: the evening mobile media night”, created a relaxed atmosphere for the creative exchange of ideas between representatives of brands and mobile industry, found great popularity with 300 participants at the audience. At the casting for the face of mobile”, that is chosen by the Organizer 11 percent of communications next week, will take place the voting from February 6-12, 2009. M days / Organizer 11 percent communication 11 percent – communication with seat in Erding has established itself as a neutral communication platform between brand and media world, and the mobile and digital entertainment world. She advises and provides detailed and comprehensive information about the eGame – and mobile business market companies. She in addition Organisation of events in these subject areas. A further competence of 11 percent is the PR area. “The Editorial Department is also with the GfM News digital marketing entertainment – eGames, IPTV, mobile and social media topics” out. events: (,,) contact person for the press 11 percent communication Angelique Szameitat press and program coordination Tel.: + 49 (0) 8122 / 955 625 fax: + 49 (0) 8122 / 955 627 E-Mail: Internet:

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