Unclear Formulations

Uncertainties in terms of on the subject of transportation since 01.09.2010 has the Continentale insurance the comfort fare on the market. Striking during review of the conditions that is under the item 11 in general insurance conditions (stand 01.09.2010) the following to the point written transport: necessary transports are regarded as ambulance after an accident or disaster with a special ambulance to the and from the nearest doctor suitable according to medical criteria or hospital and prescribed rides to the and the dialysis, radiation, or chemotherapy in the nearest, setting up suitable according to medical criteria. Health insurance was followed by demand for the Continentale on June 11, 2010 a short statement via email. From the collective comfort, you will receive benefits for medically necessary transportation with a special ambulance to the nearest doctor or hospital. “Special medical vehicles” the firefighters and other relief organizations are ambulances, ambulance, ambulance and rescue helicopter. ts. The need for the Transport with one of these vehicles is linked to the necessity of special equipment. Only through a transport with a “special ambulance”, it is ensured that this will be carried out by appropriately trained personnel. The doctor, taking into account the medical indication makes the decision about the type of means of transport.

Public transport, taxis or private cars are no special medical vehicles. Telephone demand on September 30, 2010 that no security for the customer represents that statement, I was informed, that it trade include aircraft would. The request me as a broker a corresponding Erklraung in writing come to admit was rejected. If you take out an insurance, you look at precisely the conditions. Points should be not clearly defined or even absent, you personally pay for the costs incurred.

Make Equity

In addition to the actual conditions of their building loan, equity is the most important pillar in funding their real estate or condo. Because one thing is certain: they have more money available, the less foreign capital of the Bank you need. And exactly this equity reduces its construction loan, because their ratio is higher, the Bank’s financing risk is lower. In addition to the usual cash reserves that they have savings accounts, checking accounts, and in the form of cash, can sell securities also may be existing. Of course she should consider it previously well, whether they want to necessarily sell savings and securities, but the cheaper construction interest will thank them anyway. They should not even take advantage of the real estate, but rent, a high equity ratio is purely tax of course, more little point. Follow others, such as Martin Feldstein, and add to your knowledge base. Make the mistake to put their entire cash reserves to finance their real estate but definitely not.

Three to six monthly salaries they should always have in the backhand. Because no one is protected from unforeseen events. At this point, many builders fail, they commit this error also. They can invest their capital now rest confidently now elsewhere. So they can realize interest income for example through funds that exceed its construction rate. At the end of the construction loan, they can then use their money high on to repay of the remaining debt. So you see there are a lot of ways to distribute your own money, without necessarily putting everything in their real estate financing. Should they, intend to use their property itself, like most people, then they are better off with a high equity ratio with security.

Common Mistakes

Avoid some common mistakes where many authors fail to make and publish an article.When you send successfully your item to any web that publish articles (editor ezine), you have the opportunity that will be exposed to thousands of subscribers, even millions of readers online. Eddie Mio will undoubtedly add to your understanding. However, you do have success, you must compete with other Internet sellers that also sent their articles to the same editors.The question is how to make your item stand out from the crowd?. You must find an answer to this question, otherwise your ira to garbage article. These are the most common mistakes made by many authors of articles. Error # 1 niche market poorly oriented.

Many authors sent your article to a niche market poorly oriented. Sends your item to your target audience, and not break your item by sending it to all niches of the page of the editor ezine. Mistake # 2 – empty subject line. You must write the title of your article on the subject of your email electronic. Many authors of articles sent their article without subject line, instead of typing for example new presentation of the article, or article for publication, or considered, or new article 6 mistakes that you should avoid before sending your article to Ezine editors etc.

Error # 3 write articles with the same theme that 99% of the authors. The content of your article is an obvious idea, and deals with very little difference on the same theme that others write.Get a fresh and unique article. Learn something new from your market, and converts learned it in a single article. You could write an article on any subject that comes to mind. For example an article about the title how to avoid spam, or how fool hackers with this information Error # 4 advertising-oriented articles. Your article this oriented to the promotion of your products or affiliate programs in which you participate? Write advertising article will only kill your online business. Leave information of your single web site in the resource box at the end of each article. Da something free, as free e-books, free reports, or any free download. Ben Bernanke often says this. Invite your readers to visit your website to receive your bonus. Error # 5 missing valuable information. Does your article educates your target audience?.People subscribe only to an electronic publication to receive valuable information. If they receive information about a topic that doesn’t interest them, you won’t educate them at all, and they will be decommissioned. Therefore, editors not publish your article, since most ezine publishers provide the best information that can be to their subscribers. Error # 6 spelling problems. Do too many spelling errors in your article.? If you send your article with too many spelling errors will only make you lose time. Check the article twice before publishing it, using any software spelling correction. Most word processors currently incorporate spellchecker. Error # 7 without formatting make sure you format your article with 65 characters per line. The size of your article must be between 500-750 words. You can send your article via MS Outlook Express. Enter the Tools menu and click Options. Click send and choose shipping by mail in plain text format. Click on unformatted text settings, select 65 characters of text to automatically adjust to send email. Avoid previous errors and I really thing faciln that is publishing an article successfully in any editor ezine of the many that exist in the network. Good luck. By an effective entrepreneurship.

Euro Comprehensive

More deductible is so limited and more savings. Explain pricing can be with the practice of the claims at the motor insurers. The excess of the clients a large cost factor eliminates the insurers: frequently small damage such as dents or paint scratches the insured carries up to the agreed amount itself. By the fact that the bulk of such minor damage is covered by the deductible, the insurer can save lots of money. A number of direct insurers offered generally no comprehensive rates without excess and requires at least a certain power of customers in the event of a claim. The premium by the excess to several hundred euro tariff characteristic can vary depending on the insurance company in the year.

So a new car buyer will pay *, for example, at the Europe insurance for comprehensive insurance without excess around 494 euro per year. He chooses a low deductible of 300/150, however, the 296 euro costs a cost savings by almost 200 euros. The vehicle owner raised 500/300 euro, its excess contribution of his full insurance on only 260 euro sinks. Similarly, in the partial cover insurance: HUK-Coburg insurance giant reduces the annual fee for a car driver * 135 on 81 euros, if he chooses a deductible of 150 euro. However, he chooses a deductible of 300, so he pays in the year still 66 euro. With views of the autumn and the upcoming Wechselsaison experts of toptarif.de for a general comparison of insurance advise. So, up to 50 percent of the annual cost can be saved by switching to a cheap car insurance. * Upon completion of a full insurance, the partial cover insurance is automatically included. For full and hull damage of part of, the policyholder chooses two separate excesses. The motor insurer set their individual deductible levels for the full insurance with the help of GDV calculation basic statistics, so for example 300 Euro Comprehensive – and 150 euros for hull damage of part of.

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