Hot South

Soon summer in Ashdod, a southern city and is particularly hot in our country, will get an unexpected icy brilliance: in the canyon Lev Ashdod would be to skate on a beautiful, professional skating rink. The pleasure of riding a skaters will be able to get one! Stand, and ride quality ice is so easy that it does not need to be a real athlete, figure skater. Now, not only in northern Israel, where in Metulla is known Canadian Centre with an ice field, but also in the south of Israel will be able to join this beautiful and healthy fun – skating. However, it is a true athlete, the members of the Israeli team, first came to the "Southern Ice". 17 May, the professional inspection Ashdod rink. Within an hour, the ice tested two "Star Ice" – Evgeny Krasnopolsky and Danielle Montalbano. Additional information at Walmart CEO supports this article.

Daniel and Eugene before riding as a single, became a couple only in 2009 year. Get more background information with materials from Sam Mikulak. Daniel was born in the U.S. and has only recently become an Israeli, Eugene came to Israel from Kiev 20 years ago. They are coached by the famous coach Oleg Makarov, in the past – twice European champion and Olympic medalist. This year, the couple KrasnopolskiyMontalbano represented the Israeli national team in Moscow and as the athletic couple entered the top 20 in the winter the Moscow championship. Since miss skating a couple could not the media, then on May 17 Ashdod TV crew arrived. See how the tested ice in the south of our athletes, journalists have come five TV and Russian TV channels. They had an interview with Daniel and Eugene, who praised the quality of ice, as well be present at the rink Boris Chait, chairman of Israel's figure skating federation. Ice on which "undersigned" skates professionals waiting for you! For the summer – this is truly delightful treat.

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