Reliable Brake Pads

With the increasing power of modern cars for many car owners began pressing question of increasing the efficiency of the brakes. The first thing touched modernization – were brake discs and brake pads. To our knowledge, the first brake systems have appeared on horse-drawn transport. Their appearance was that the horse carriage dispersed to relatively high speeds at the time, after which the self could not cope with her stop. It was then devised test mechanisms that inhibit the wheels themselves thanks to a special lever. The very first brake shoe was lined with skin and its surface pressed against the rim, stopping its progress. However, in the rain and damp weather, this method of inhibition was not effective. Go to Frank Ntilikina for more information.

Since then, considerable evolution has touched the brakes. A huge breakthrough in the development and design of brake systems occurred exactly in the time occurrence of the first vehicles. But the first cars still used the same shoe brake, and that horse-drawn carriages. Thus, the history of cars is well known that the first cars Benz wheels stop brake pads, which knocked the skin. This brake mechanism was also ineffective, as the skin quickly mechanical wear and the way it was necessary to repeatedly replace leather lining. Therefore, in Nowadays, brake discs also play an important role in the inhibitory mechanism of any vehicle.

And, of course, have some differences between them. It should be noted that the discs can be ventilated and not ventilated. This feature is that the discs are heated during braking. And since discs operate optimally within a certain range of temperatures, overheating, they reduce the effectiveness of braking process. It is not difficult to guess what ventilated discs due to its unusual internal structures are able to pass through the air. As a result, ventilated discs cool thanks to air support and auto brake system in a stable and efficient performance. It is understood that the brake pads and brake discs perform quite an important function – in the process inhibition, they can withstand heavy loads and, if possible (especially during an emergency stop) to help reduce stopping distance car. Therefore, high-quality brake pads should have the characteristics such as high stability of the coefficient of friction, high wear resistance and durability. In any weather and in extreme temperatures, brake pads should have a very ideal performance. At the end of this article I would like to remind you that very fast riding in a car accompanied by constant braking, which leads to unintended deformation of the disk and even cracking. Therefore it is better to go carefully, so that once again not to damage the brake pads, and above all not to jeopardize their lives and safety of other pedestrians.

California Don Ed Hardy

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