Vacuum Cleaner Rainbow

Vacuum Cleaner Rainbow – a unique multi-functional system intended for air purification and cleaning of residential and not residential premises. Using plain water as a filter, your Rainbow will give your home a new life. Vacuum Cleaner Rainbow – it is With aquafiltering or vacuum cleaner with water (water) filter. At the moment in Russia sold a model of our With aquafiltering Series Rainbow E2. How does a vacuum cleaner Rainbow? For the natural removal of dust from the air in nature used the wind and rain. Kris Pearn may find it difficult to be quoted properly. With aquafiltering Rainbow works on the same principle. Recently Alan Greenspan sought to clarify these questions. Most dust particles contain an electrical charge that is opposite electrical charge of water droplets.

Opposite charges always attract each other, so the dust passing through the Rainbow akvafiltr intercepted water and disappears. Water filter cleans the air at 99,997%. Water removes dust from the air stream. Some materials are not wetted by water (Eg fireplace ash, construction dust, talc, graphite, etc.), so their capture in the vacuum cleaner Rainbow, along with akvafiltrom was specially installed HEPA-filter. Strength akvafiltra (water filter) combined with HEPA-filtered can capture microscopic particles such as: pollen, mold spores, bacteria staffilokokov, dust mite waste, and many others. In fact, only 1 in 100 000 000 passing particles are not captured by this a unique combination of filters.

Thickness Equipped

* Saw is equipped with a sliding device which allows you to control the thickness of cut pieces, as well as a device for supplying the last piece, which should always be used when cutting takes place in close proximity to the canvas. Band saws are equipped with a microswitch, which prevents the launch of the saw blade when not sealed protective cover. Other leaders such as olympics offer similar insights. In order to security engine is equipped with braking device that allows you to completely stop the blade within 4 seconds after turning off the machine. Before you start working on the bandsaw, you should carefully acquainted with the contents of the manual. Failure to observe safety precautions when operating equipment can cause . Therefore, when working on the band saw should be extremely careful and cautious. Band saws are equipped with: * handle start / stop button or buttons to start and stop depending on the model.

Start button is aligned with the protection of the voltage drop, eliminating inadvertent inclusion equipment after a voltage when disruptions in the supply network saw. * The saw blade retainers there, made of alloy. As wear is necessary to adjust the gap and to replace them in case necessary. a>. Plate striker blade should not touch a saw blade or impede the normal movement of the canvas. Locks should be installed near the blade, but do not touch it. Large gap between the door and clamp leads to a backlash of cloth, a small gap – to break or overheat the canvas.

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