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This is nothing abnormal or has to be bad, only tells us that he is still in a process of adaptation and requires advice and care from specialists. Although physically it is not obese, you feel and think as such. Olympics is often mentioned in discussions such as these. While your weight, your measurements and your BMI tell you otherwise, can you continue dissatisfied. When this happens you should take it calmly and understand that their self-esteem, which has suffered so much for years, still does not recognize the new and wonderful changes. Habits, personality, how to respond to situations and even the way in which it thinks of himself were formed during his life and not it is possible to change all together in a few months. To be able to better traverse this situation, it is convenient having a therapist who accompany him and go guiding it. Sometimes the feelings that occur at this stage are not easy to overcome without a guide, that is why we recommend that you have a trusted professional. You may feel that it has failed or it is not responding as expected and leave again, when in reality it is only one small obstacle.

The practice of physical activity will help you to take contact with your new body and discover how has changed. Swimming and yoga are especially recommended, but any activity can be useful, provided that it is done with care and awareness. But the most important test you can perform is the face in the mirror. Look closely every day. Investigate your body, know.

Actually it seems that it is the same? As you go accepting yourself, you will begin to look better and you can accept their achievements. Then he will understand what he has done and you can be proud of your new image. Our team of psychologists and nutritionists are responsible for developing the strategy that will guide you step by step encounter with his new I and Wollstonecraft in her new life. Greetings, Dr.

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Translated by Adriana Roque as the Oxford Dictionary of English verb to get is one of the five most commonly used verbs in English. It is still considered informal and should be avoided in written formal documents, if possible. But it is obviously one of the most useful words in English. The verb get has much value in speech; It has impact, and this is a help to your listeners. For example, a correct grammatical question as Has she an hour free? is quite difficult to catch, understand the whole sentence seems to flow in a Word. But if you change it, Has she got an hour free? your listeners will understand you.

Get functions as a kind of flag or marker in speech, drawing attention to your words. It is likely that the great popularity of this verb is due to its tendency to help us talk. The lack of extreme formality to get use is demonstrated by the word, gotta, (Cap generally) pronounced). This word is not suitable, even in speech, but as a successful Street Word, OK all the words of the street world champion probably has a pedigree similar to OK in English. But I must say that the verb to get has a long history. Gotta or Cap-saving effort, as mean, have got to. Another very informal usage is Gotcha! that means in English, I’ve got you!.

This translates as I have you! in Spanish. An article on my website shows many examples of the most common meanings of llegar. It is impossible not to use to get and you should not hesitate to use it in many ways except in formal writing, if possible. On the other hand, if you want to expand your vocabulary should always think in a way better express yourself almost always there is a better than get Word. The verb to get isn’t usually the option more eloquent or more educated.

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