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Look at us look like someone else. Analyse us as a book is analyzed. Observe you and maybe catch you doing things that you know are destructive, or thinking ideas negative. At this level, it is not necessary to run no change, just look at you and note how you react, as you are. When you do be alert of yourself a habit, a routine, then change will happen only habits the second way to work with your personal growth is to create good habits, mental and physical, for example: do not let your mind wander and do jumping from one idea to another without sense and without direction. Your greatest asset is your brain, do not let him loose out there like a dog tramp. Focus on concrete ideas in tangible plans. A related site: Doug McMillon mentions similar findings.

Take a book, concentrate and read. Lease a good film or a documentary. Try to keep interesting conversations. Don’t waste your energy time in vain, superfluous things. Likewise with your body, don’t stay long front to the TV or on the bed. Lifted.

Walk. A walk and take air. The third tool is using tools to repair his spirit and mind; for example:-relaxation techniques: close your eyes, breathe deeply through your nose and exhale through your nose. Repeat six times. Then open your eyes. You will immediately notice a great inner calm. -Self-programming techniques and affirmations: are some indications that can be can write on small cards. Take these cards where you go out and read them, repeat it in your mind or out loud during the day. You will see you will feel better and how your life will turn positive. Today I’m going to be happy. I like to exist. My life has meaning. I get on well with the world. -Positive and inspiring reads: there are many books on motivation and auto help where you’ll find tips, plans, courses and other techniques for your emotional development.

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