Where To Use Decorative Plaster ?

Decorative plaster application techniques were invented by the ancient Rimlyanaim. Sobstveeno than was uekrashat wall? Yes, so what is underfoot. Lime to mix with water added colored pigments and 'lyapali' on the wall, so actually appeared Venetian plaster Modern technology not only lime, usually as svyazuyuschgo use acrylic copolymers. To broaden your perception, visit Ray Clemence. If earlier in the materials used volatile materials then the current criteria is not acceptable, the Italians are fighting for the biological purity, all materials are subject to strict control and are safe for the environment. Thanks to advances in technology came the mass options to create unique interior spaces. One option is a decorative textured plaster – not only performs the role of wall decorations, but also has water resistance, provides heat and sound insulation. K the same materials from which it is made, it is absolutely harmless to humans and the environment. The peculiarity of the material in the material allows us to achieve textures not repeatable, it does not look like stamped wallpaper, and is otraeniem state of mind on the walls To implement the palace interiors in the interior usually use Venetian plaster, which can be both an acrylic and on a natural limestone base. Simulated slice of rock is achieved by applying several layers of translucent material to each other, use a variety of hues. This is a time consuming process and requires highly skilled masters. Decorative paints are materials with no texture but mimic it easy to apply and does not allow a man prepared to leave her with ice in their interiors, various effects: silk, velvet, antique wall chameleon-pearl, and much more.

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