Yoga Disciplines

The Yoga is ansestral technique, that produces positive changes to practice that it. The human body is taken like the physical vehicle of the spirit, of the Being. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak has many thoughts on the issue. This technique goes accompanied of respiratory and physical exercises; that they act like liberating of the blockades of the power centers, that are in the body. These blockades are caused by stress; this one is an evil that is suffered by the great majority of the world-wide population. What is stress? ; stress is the ability to face a challenge, is the learning, the growth that each of us we realised throughout our life. When this one stress is accumulated in our organism, the energy of our body is blocked; reason why yoga aid to unblock those channels, by means of physical and respiratory exercises. The global change that is taking place in this one society, it causes that everything passes more express.

In fact by means of the computer, the knowledge is obtained pushing a button; before the Eighties, it was necessary to go to a library. When we pushed that button, we are knowing of everything, but not of one same one; because the external world is overflowing to us. The negative part, is that people begin to have virtual contact without a control. The people we must find to the teacher in our interior. We are we those that we must choose, which like and to do it well, reason why needed to feed our inner life. The inner life is very important, and is what the majority of the people would have to try to find in themselves. This way they would not feel single. Being surrounded by people does not mean that they are accompanied. In the majority of the cases the feeling is of solitude, causing anguishes and sadnesses, that often they trigger in diseases.

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