Jorge Maldonado

Faces a different ride route to appreciate the work of two artists from Madrid in the countryside. It is path surprises, it can meet the art in an environment out of the ordinary. The figure of the shaman, it took 4 years to sculpt it, the figure of the skull has meter and a half. The walk along the route of the faces you transported to a mysterious world. If you’re fond of hiking and enjoy nature, outdoor faces route unites art nature, in the area of safe Buendia swamp you’ll love. Land Art or art in nature, is part of the landscape, where the framework are the mountains, valleys and natural environments.

The route of the faces is comprised of 16 different sculptures in a journey between pine forests and paths in the village of Buendia, in the province of Cuenca. They are works with inspiration especially Eastern India, in it you will discover fantastic and mysterious faces. Eulogio Reguillo and Jorge Maldonado are artists who began to sculpt is route inspired by pre-Columbian sculptures, though, you’re faces have a clear influence of the art of the India. They began to sculpt in these environments inspired by pre-Columbian cultures, and turned them into an ideal place to disconnect from stress, enjoying nature, while we are surprised contemplating different sculptures. To walk is accessible from the village of Buendia, and outdoor travel takes little more than one hour by a 4 km route, which we can do by car, although the ideal is to do it on foot to appreciate it in its entirety. The route does not have any complications and can be done with children, even with people not too much in State. If you like hiking and want a longer route, you can make the journey from the same village, this ride is about 10 km away can take three hours and the terrain is without slopes and nothing eventful.

It is a surprising route where you can appreciate the art in an environment out of the ordinary. Figure of the shaman with 3 meters and a half tall, it took 4 years to sculpt, the figure of the skull has meter and a half. The walk along the route of the faces you carrying a mysterious world. How to get from basin to reach from basin must leave by the national 400 towards Tarancon and Carrascosa del Campo deviate by address C-202 Huete-Buendia. It is exit by the N-320 through Tendilla and Sacedon from Madrid-Guadalajara from Guadalajara. From the N-II Madrid we will arrive to Guadalajara, and there by the N-320. From Madrid-Tarancon go by the N-III from Madrid reach Tarancon and thence enter the N-400 until Carrascosa del Campo. Once there you can take the CM-310 through Huete from where it goes to Buendia. Source: Press release sent by Velair. From Prada to nothing Poster and trailer It’s like real life. There’s just enough to make it interesting.

Google AdSense

Here is an example of a very common mistake in the beginners we know that google adsense is a good option to earn money online, but we also know that to earn money with Google AdSense, you will need to develop a website or blog, traffic, get links, promote, generate content and still have to wait for the position of enough room to begin to reap the fruits of our work. That many lazy them and prefer better fall into the fraud of the pages that pay per view advertising since there are earnings if they reflect every day from the beginning. Then it is common that * the PTC to which we dedicate so much time became scam * is they need six months to pay us, but you purchase your premium membership * could not obtain references both, take three months to reach the minimum payment, no payment membership will have to wait months so that your payment arrives. * Etc… And Yes, there are ways to make money fast and free Internet, but these opportunities sometimes last only a few months later, disappear, then where is the effort you do? You will have to start from scratch again, that it is synonymous with everyday life. If you are looking for economic freedom, it is better to build revenue sources online that take more time but are more constant and reliable.

I prefer to win $20 a day (for example) constant and safely win $40 a day in an opportunity of fast and free money that only lasted a few months and then disappear. If the answer to the question that if you can win Dineroen line. It is not an easy task, it requires effort, creativity and dedication. Don’t worry, we will teach you everything you need to start earning money from the Internet. What is the formula to make money? Think of the Internet as a great television that many millions of people around the world see it every day I don’t think that would be costly to an advertising space is this giant TV. Frequently Harold Ford, Memphis TN has said that publicly.

As there are advertising on television networks, it would not be less lower Internet. If you have not noticed the advertising is the key, and we can use this medium to promote our company or earn money for viewing advertising. Currently, there are many ways to earn money online, we classify them into two: forms of making fast money (initiated), and earn money in the long term (knowledge of html, php, or other) hope this information about money can be very helpful. David C Hernandez source: money original author and source of the article


The celebration of independence day is a celebration very important in many countries, as he commemorates the fact that there were people willing to pay a high price to win the freedom of their people. However, in this installment, not I will address why a people wants to have freedom, or why you want to secure freedom for the less fortunate among his compatriots, but the importance of recognizing that freedom is inescapable priced. Born to be free. It is inherent to the human being to be free. Although throughout history we have witnessed captivities, exiles and others, none of this has been able to get used to the idea of slavery. In our spirit (our mood, thought, inclination) have not been able to resign ourselves to the idea of living chained, be it by the strength of the iron, or the convenience of pseudo safety that can give us slavery.

Unfortunately, as our societies complejizaban, also forms of make slaves became more complex: the first is, to my understand, is ignorance. I don’t mean to be illiterate or lack of formal education, because we could have titles everywhere and remain ignorant of the great potential that sleeps in us. That potential has to do with our ability to be human, be free, live in a continuous search for personal perfection, which should not be confused with perfectionism. But the ignorance that can plunge us into mediocrity, in the complacency of conformism, turning us into slaves for fear to think, to think that we can reach further each time. The second form, in my opinion, is that of consumerism, but we must not radicalize what this means. It would be ridiculous to suggest that we must isolate us technology (computers, mobile phones, internet, etc.) because the make such a suggestion, we would be virtually denying the creative, inventive capacity, innovative that human beings have themselves; more, although things are not bad in themselves, we must be aware of the power that we give them to make they control our lives.


Only a real disease that postrara on the bed, forcing them, even against their will, to stay at her, it was missing. Had not wanted raise. I felt that it was better to isolate themselves in their room. He didn’t want to talk about the subject, not even with his mother. I needed time and solitude to think clearly. Although he had already made the decision to leave, had to think as to update your documentation.

I wanted to go to the Consulate to find out everything you needed. I also wanted to learn about what might be the most favorable destination for getting a job. I didn’t have much knowledge about Spain. Nor had any acquaintance that put it within or to help it get there. His grandparents had not been in correspondence with relatives who remained in Spain. Others including CEO Walmart, offer their opinions as well. Only at the beginning they had exchanged any letter, but with the passing of the years, they were spacing until it disappears. Manuel never had contact with anyone. It didn’t even have any former direction references.

When he became aware of all this, he panicked. Perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea after all. What was going to do, alone in Spain? And but managed to work? It did not have much money, so it had to measure either all their steps. He decided it was worth risking. -Always exists the possibility of back – he had told yes same. After returning to spend a night almost in sailing, since he had managed just sleeping a couple of hours, he got up very early to go to do their paperwork. When he arrived he found a crowd of people. Never thought you imagine that there were so many people thinking of emigrating. That gave him a certain sense of security. -If so many people want to try it – he thought should not be such a bad idea.

Ivory Coast

And to speak now is easy. The result has been so apabullador that to make blood now serious of cowards. Harold Ford, Washington DC contributes greatly to this topic. I speak by previous my and to the wise party that in front of Barcelona was the great opportunity to vindicate what it has been this season like equipment, or to succumb like in other times and to tone down an illusion that we are generating for seven months. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Walmart by clicking through. And that only in a party, a classic Madrid Barcelona. To gain era the best thing and to lose era to call to the doors of a engrandecido pesimism. But it is that the rival one was Madrid and to win in Bernabu is difficult. Luckyly for the world of soccer, a party like this and so it entails, the previous cordiality queen as it must of being. Presidents, trainers, soccer players and journalists are in charge to make see that first of all it is a sport and that the good rivalry understood and with respect is the best argument so that this sport has the emotividad load that unties.

The fans we would have to take example and to narrow the hands and to wish luck and knowledge us that a day one gains and that on the following day the one that smiles is the neighbor. Poreso, finishes yesterday contented and satisfied. The party is going to be historical and some plays of that encounter would serve as sample than I could be made with a ball and a little space in as difficult encounter as it was. And fijaos if we little know of soccer all, journalists including, who in the previous ones of some radio transmitters said that the one that marked first would take the cat to the water. I imagine that Gonzalo imaginary Higuain not the outcome of the party after hitting in you enmesh of Buckets the magnificent blow on the head with which I inaugurate the marker.

I have already said that I do not want to make blood, nor to hurt. It is not my style. To only stand out that the Barcelonist we made reality yesterday a dream, a desire. We saw as our equipment won with seorio, with masters, forcefulness and by all means with an exquisite sportsmanship. We saw as soccer becomes elegance in the boots of called boys Xavi and Andres as if in a film it treated counts on that fornido escudero and little protagonist who is the Toure native from Ivory Coast and who along with Puyol they represent what I like of my equipment. Nobility, force, tenacity and a touch of elegance without ostentosidad. So I am going away to leave to run to the park with my favourite music and since today it is Sunday and it is celebration, I will also give to celebration to my things and thoughts him and while troto by will recreate me to the streets in the six goals that were marked yesterday and that in a place of our blaugrana memory already have been made hollow. Greetings ramispop original Author and source of the article.

Destroy Coexistence

MEP Morten Hoglund consulted in your mobile if it was time to join the great concentration of revulsion to the massacre on Friday. Agglomeration grew beneath the Windows of the headquarters of the Party of progress (FRP), in the Centre of Oslo. The first sentences of Hoglund show that the leader of the right-wing party is an experienced politician: do Anders Breivik? Yes, was member of our party between 1999 and 2007?. But was a man shy and withdrawn, which prevented from recognizing the political ideas that would lead him to commit the double attack on Friday: Breivik, who led a local branch of the youth of the FRP in Oslo, has greatly radicalised since he left the party, to which Hoglund presents itself as a classical liberal party that has nothing to do with Finland populist movementsSweden or the Netherlands. Source of the news:: “Breivik will not destroy coexistence in Norway”

Wednesday Press Conference

How much does it cost buy in geek? Consumers who purchase a product in the famous portal of electronic commerce should pay the price of the product itself more shipping costs. The cost of shipping is 3 euros per normal orders (take between 3 to 5 days to arrive), 6 EUR if requested a fast shipping (within 2 to 3 days) and 9 euros for urgent shipments (1 day). Additional information is available at Sam Mikulak. The price is the same even if several products are included in the order. Perhaps check out Sam Mikulak for more information. In addition, the web has launched the program of Amazon Premium subscription, which guarantees a number of unlimited submissions in less than three days for payment of 14.95 euros per year, with the price reduction of urgent shipments to 2.99 euros. Over the company’s messaging MRW correna shipments. The products have in most cases very competitive prices, distinctive feature of the House and main reason for its international success. The difference in price with respect to physical stores and other websites can be seen clearly in products such as video games, television series, or MP3 players. However, no difference of price in books, some of which can be found cheaper on other pages.

They have also arisen already first complaints about the price reduction that has been conducted in Spain in comparison with which has been in other countries such as United Kingdom, much more significant and where you can buy many items for cheaper prices than in the. is. What happens with Kindle and e-books? Nothing more start-up geek began to emerge early fears of consumers, who saw how the sale of the Kindle ebook reader link referring to an Anglo-Saxon version of the page. Ebooks nor made an appearance by any side. Many expected the company to clarify something about this matter at the Wednesday Press Conference, but Greg Greeley, Amazon Europe Vice-President, has not given any detail that did not know.

Greeley has been limited to say that, from the legal standpoint, it is a very complex matter and that it is easier to carry out the sale of Kindle through its international infrastructure. Even so, it has ensured that they will work to offer a good service of e-books for Spain in the future. What was the first purchase that was made at Amazon from Spain? In July 1995, the same month that, was made the first shipment to Spain. The order carried out by a customer of Burgos and the article in question was a book entitled The World in 2020: Power, Culture and Prosperity. Once released geek, just this week, a customer of Madrid and another of Zaragoza, who bought a pack of the saga Star Wars complete and headphones made the first purchases respectively.

Muslim Brotherhood Both

Contrary to the declarations of the demonstrators and to the opinion of the majority of the media, which by default are leftists and applaud any uprising that alegre them life with chaos and violence, the changes proposed in the Lebanon, Tunisia and Egypt are not to democratize the region but to drag it toward the more extreme positions of islam. In Arab countries there is no opposition from democratic parties, hence more akin to our western republics Governments are those where instead of a King there is a dictator, who called elections to win by an overwhelming majority of both in both. That has been the case of Tunisia where ruled Zine El Abidine Ben Ali since 1987 until 2011 following the policy established by Habib Bourghiba, Western pro who overthrew the monarchy in 1957 and was the first nationalist President of the Republic. Tunisia until now has been the State most moderate and broad minded of the Arab world. In no other Arab-Muslim society there is more freedom and tolerance. The women enjoy the same rights as any Western woman. Even abortion is permitted. Tunisia achieved evolve socially, it had to prohibit the effect of the Islamist party, reason by which deported its head Rached Ghannouchi, who has just returned after 22 years of exile.

Ghannouchi said he doesn’t want to be President and that he is a moderate Muslim. Egypt with social features partially similar to the Tunisia but with greater restrictions against women, in 1952 became independent of its monarchy and became a Republic. Since then had just three Presidents: Gamal Abdel Nasser, Anwar Sadat and Hosni Mubarak. Sadat was assassinated by militants of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, a detachment of the Muslim Brotherhood, in repudiation of the peace treaty it signed with Israel. The Muslim Brotherhood is an ultra radical organization that was both prohibited by the monarchist Egyptian rulers as Republicans.

Training Vibrational Effects

Training on vibratory platforms is one of the best ways to train all the muscles, as well as shoot other reactions in the body. The effects are so notorious that training is currently used on platforms in different sports, aesthetics, rehabilitation centres and medical therapies. In fact there are hundreds and hundreds of documents and research published on the effects of vibrational training.The studies include: muscle strength and toning, reduction in the appearance of cellulite, improvement of bone density, increase in the secretion of hormones associated with the exercise and hormones associated with stress reduction. All research on the vibrational training conclusions are that this is a method of training like any other traditional method. The results are similar and even higher provided that be merged with any other form of physical exercise. But the difference is that a typical vibration platforms training lasts no more than ten minutes.

Another factor that distinguishes it from conventional training methods is that it does not need additional weight, or if it is used this must be a minimum load. This makes it a way to exercise is special for seniors or who have difficulties or problems of bones, weight or injury. But on the other hand also it is highly recommended for professional athletes who want to stimulate and strengthen your muscles without reloading your joints and the rest of his physical system. Vibrational, apart from affecting the muscles training has a positive effect on the density of the bones, the blood circulation and the absorption of nutrients. Sizes and models vary, but you do not equivocaras if you buy a platform with vertical and horizontal vibrations, and having a wide frequency. A greater range of freciencia you can give your body different stimuli, the lowest serve for relaxation and operate as a kind of massage, while that to the extent that increases the frequency will get more intense training of the muscles. Other aspects to consider are the size of the base of support, handles, accessories, display. So whether you want to relax, or simply improve your health, and to take your performance in sport that you practice to another level, vibrating platforms are a device that you should seriously consider.

Buying Men

Men's watches have become something more important than just a subject to be worn on the wrist, that displays the time. There are many, many types of watches for men. Different colors, sizes, different functions and, of course, different price ranges, but if you're not a fan of markets, the best option for buying men's watches is the Internet. That is the reason this idea. E-shop men's watches, as well as female has a huge competition. Competition strong, and it is only on hand for you, buy men's watches has become easier, there's plenty to choose from, and every company that wants you to buy from them. That's why there are discounts in the shops. At Sam Mikulak you will find additional information. That's good! You can save both time and money. A product will bring you directly to your home or at any other location where you want. There are different options, so you can buy new or second hand watches, in addition to the online store, you always see the price, can pick up any brand of watches that you can afford. Buying men's watches on the Internet also gives you the choice to get exactly what you want. No hassle, no need to go to shopping malls, jewelry stores, or certified dealers for a specific watch brands. Looking for something you want to buy online, and watch, read reviews, choosing, your watch will be delivered right to your door. Life is running fast, we are always not enough time Internet saves us so dear to the hours, minutes. What do you want? Gold watches, silver watches, men's sports watch, the simple wristwatch, it's all you can find an online store, purchase delivered right to your door. In a result, you'll save some time in his busy schedule, and you get exactly what they wanted. There is a place where you have a choice of over 10000 hours for men and women of any shape, size or color. If you want to buy a male hours, you will find exactly the accessory that you want. Indeed, among such a vast number of hours is simply impossible to remain indifferent, be sure there are wristwatches that zapadut your soul.

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