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With this formula, my maximum heart rate when I was 27 years have been from 208 to 0.7 = 189 x 27, or approximately 3 beats per minute less than the traditional way. So why even worry about your heart rate? Heart rate is a great indicator of training. To better understand the heart rate, you must understand the different "systems" of energy your body uses when you train. There are three systems that are still in force, but a sistemadominan depending on the type of training. These systems are ATP-CP and glycolytic (both are anaerobic, or systems that do not depend on oxygen as a primary energy source) and aerobic. The ATP-PC system is the system that bodybuilders are most familiar with. It is the system where your body is forced to perform work without the aid of oxygen.

When doing a repetition during a weight training exercise, the muscles of his contract and must generate force quickly to bear the weight. This action occurs rapidly, and his body is unable to use oxygen to fuel the contraction. Instead, their will depend on body stores energy in muscle cells, ie a compound called adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and creatine phosphate. ATP depletes rapidly and is replenished by CP. Sports that rely on this system include weight lifting, shot put, and short distance races. Work episodes lasting more than a few seconds will be based primarily on the glycolytic energy system. Once ATP and CP are depleted, the glycolytic system kicks in.

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