Bacardi Feeling On Costa Rica

Everyone immediately thinks beautiful Caribbean beaches and secluded nature the term Caribbean blue clean sea, long white sand beaches, coconuts and delicious cocktails. But in addition to culinary delights also romance and relaxation in the Central American State not to be neglected. More reasons to visit the country, reported. Flights to Costa Rica start from the most German airports. After about 14 hours of flight time awaits the visitor in particular one: nature and solitude. You may wish to learn more. If so, Paul McCracken is the place to go. Undisturbed togetherness is guaranteed especially at the foot of the Cordillera Central. This mountain range offers a variety of recreational facilities in the form of thermal baths and massages. Hot springs in the midst of untouched nature provide romantic atmosphere especially at nightfall.

Although the size of Costa Rica with the Lower Saxony is comparable, the Central American country might not varied and exciting. Especially flora and fauna of Costa Rica are very diverse. Almost a quarter of the country is protected and there are Monkeys, iguanas, or hummingbirds in the wild. Who would like to combine nature and beach holidays, should consult the National Park of Manuel quetzales. Because in addition to long sandy beaches of Playa Tambor, there are also trails that require increasingly travelling with stout footwear. And waterproof rain gear because there may be surprising due to the high air humidity short showers. Far away from mass tourism can be is particularly relaxed on the North Pacific coast of Costa Rican swimming or surfing. The nightlife of Santa Teresa provides then the subsequent pleasure in the form of clubs and bars.

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