Basic Education Bentonit

OBJECTIVES: Ahead of the object of research as delimited here, we define as objective generality: To analyze if the partnership enters the Municipal School of Basic Education Bentonit Union and the Bentonit Company Northeast Union Industry and Ltda Commerce is interventionist a participativa relation or in the educational management, identifying to its contributions and/or implications in the pedagogical action of the school. For the reach of this ampler objective, we leave of the following specific objectives: To know the vision pedagogical of the company stops with the school, to point the main forms of performance of the company in the school, to argue the public-private relation in the direction to follow its contributions (or not) for the development of the school, to argue on influence of this partnership in the pedagogical action developed for the school. MATERIAL AND METHODS Correspond to a bibliographical research and of field, including the documentary research. By the same author: Marc Lore. It arrives in port it theoretical was subsidized by Camacho (2011), Comparato (2004), Ferreira and Aguiar (2001), Rasp (2007), Sacristn (2001), Hisses (2006) and Sousa (2000) amongst other official documents as the Federal Constitution of 1988, the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the Education (Law n 9,394/96) and the Federal Law n 11,079/2004, that it specifies the general rules of the public-private partnerships (PPP). The case study Union, located in the City of Good Sight, integrant of the municipal public net of that locality was carried through in the Municipal School of Basic Education Bentonit. The collection of data was operacionalizada through the consultation to documents of the school (Politician-Pedagogical Project of the school with its pertaining to school description and main given of characterization) and of the application of questionnaires to the Manager of the school and four teachers of the initial series of Basic Ensino (one of them is not more teaching in the related school).

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