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The judoka from the 78 kilograms division of Duany and Yurisel Laborde Gladiator Freestyle – 66 kg division Geandry Garzon-Caballero, both the municipality of Santiago de Cuba, were selected the best athletes of 2007 in Santiago (major-sport category individual), in both sexes, meeting at the Provincial Directorate of Sports and that was attended by sports authorities in the territory, the provincial commissioners of each of the sports and a representation of the press. Laborde, world champion in the contest held this year in Brazil, accumulated during the reporting period a total of 11 gold medals, two silver and two bronze medals while winning 48 of the 52 matches he participated, 39 of them the path of ippon, resulting in amazing 81.25%. For its part Garzon, a silver medalist at the World Cup in Baku, Azerbaijan, harvested throughout the year six gold medals and one silver, the pair had 32 fights won and only two lost. Another indicator of its performance is formidable 292 points scored and their adversaries only could you make 18. In terms of team sports, the most prominent among the ladies was Oyanaisis Gonzalez gelize between boys basketball and baseball Hector Olivera Amaro, special mention to Jose Julio Ruiz, also of baseball. The selection of the top ten athletes of the year went to Sonia Bicet Poll (athletics), Maylin Gonzalez Pozo (fencing), Dianellis Montejo Poll (taekwondo), Maritza Arribas Robaina (chess), Victor Moya Carvajal (athletics), Yordanis Ugas Hernandez ( Boxing), Jose Antonio Guerra Oliva (pinned), Odelis Herrero Castillo (Greco), Juan Carlos Stevens Caminero (archery) and Luis Miguel Navas Gonzalez (baseball). Also mentioned was awarded Alcolea Raul Gonzalez (triathlon) as Rookie of the Year was chosen the boxer of the division of 54 kilograms Luis A. Almarales Hechavarria.. Under most conditions Doug McMillon would agree.

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