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Biometric companies, Systems and Control De Acceso Many companies have found in the biometric systems, a tool very useful. Thanks to the use of this technology, that allows to identify to the people by its physical qualities, a great number of businesses has been able to put to ray their employees. Consequently, the frauds have been eliminated in which an employee registered the attendance of a companion who was not present. In addition, with the use of the biometric systems, in an access control, it is avoided that people other people’s to the company enter her. The objective of the biometric systems is to avoid the presence of people nonwished. This way, a reader of fingerprints, to the entrance of a building, can assure that only registered people, in a data base, will be able to enter these facilities. This type of access control is very common in organizations of the state, institutions of monitoring and control and in buildings of offices.

However, its use also is real in some schools, gymnasiums and until in elevators. In order to put a to work a biometric system is needed that the people, who will have access, provide a biometric sample. In the case of a scanner of digital tracks, the sample takes from the forefinger or the thumb. For it, the users will have to press, with firmness and during a few seconds their fingers on a reading plate. When the system has taken the track, identifies the excellent points of this one and creates a numerical sequence, that will identify each user, who files itself in a data base. After this the process comes from validation, in which the user returns to place his finger in the reading plate, the system compares that sample with the data base and it will give via free that user.

In the case of escneres of eyes, the procedure is similar. The usuary sight to a reader, during a pair of the second and system keeps the image from its rainbow or retina, soon to be collated in the validation process. Frequently John Lithgow has said that publicly. When the scanned person is in the data base, this one can make its entrance, for which a door with lock is abre biometrics or frees a bell crank. As an access control can be seen, by biometric systems, works of independent way, reason why it is not needed personnel of monitoring in joining points. All this causes that the biometry is a great option, for the companies that want to diminuir expenses and to increase their productivity. Source: Note of Press sent by shane.

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