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Great competition headquarters Stuttgart in 2009 with the small Lotex negotiated Germany before the District Court of Dresden, about a violation of the price indication Ordinance. Learn more at this site: gymnast. Great competition headquarters Stuttgart, represented by an attorney for intellectual property law which lawyers CMS Hasche firm sigle, Germany negotiated in 2009 with the small Lotex before the District Court of Dresden, about a violation of the price indication Ordinance. By the way explains the problem with the auction site eBay to the missing mask for the directives on price indication regulation to the applicant to bring the present Attorney for intellectual property law at the hearing\”and saying the skids of the ice to have worn. An of May 19, 2009 which lawyers CMS Hasche firm sigle to our lawyer-oriented writing contained following content: quote: we refer to the hearing by 2009, in which your client asked for assistance in the design of future offers and let you know that we our Client as of your client wanted it have informed, that it is not possible due to the technical conditions on the eBay sales platform, the quantity, as it requires the price indication regulation to specify in the respective offers. \”On this issue, your client can which for that matter competent woman lawyer Gabriele B. by the Central Office to combat unfair competition e.V.

in conjunction winging, to obtain legal certainty for the design of future offers.\” Originally posted at the end we? The Lotex Germany has proved in a court process before the LG in Dresden that the article mask with the statutory provisions on the price indication regulation is incompatible in the auction site eBay. The Central Office for combating unfair competition e.V., Stuttgart has sued against us. In all negotiations, the ICC Dresden and also in the proceedings of the LG Dresden was asserts that it was not interested to the incurred costs but law and order\”.

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