Barefoot is healthy in many ways. Barefoot shoes help walking and jogging over Spitz and stone. Suitable for all ages. Modern running shoes are Walker usually for jogging or Nordic perfect equipment, to minimize burden on the foot, knee, and hip joints. A comparative study of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville now revealed that the strain on the joints are lower when walking barefoot. Only training shoes provide a good grip so the foot. The researchers argue for, often barefoot walking and running. Barefoot speak several reasons for that: it promotes blood circulation throughout the body, strengthens the veins, prevent varicose veins, relaxes and promotes concentration.

Also, the Barefoot running has a positive effect on the spine, knee and hip joints, strengthen the muscles, ligaments, and joints of the feet. Each step in the soft sand of cool Moss, by refreshing grass, cool Earth or over rough gravel stones stimulates the nerve points of the feet and massaged the soles of the feet. Barefoot also receives the agility of the joints and the toes. Knie-, hip and back problems can be alleviated, because the skeleton is a coherent system. Deformities of the feet reduce therefore the entire posture and can also affect the position of the back and cause back pain.

Barefoot running is to recommend in any age. The different stimuli, pressure, needles, heat, cold and unevenness of the ground act as a foot exercises, stimulate the cardio vascular system and promote the blood circulation, as well as the sensitivity of the body which plays a major role for the balance. Barefoot running thus preventing falls. Of course, reservations are common, for example, barefoot to catch a cold is faster. Fear also injuries as a result of shards this around etc.. And anyway: Who wants to appear in cigarette butts, dog droppings or gum? It is not surprising, therefore, that barefoot running is initially strange sounds. Still, These negative aspects must no longer stop barefoot Laufwillige. Finally, the sporting goods industry has long since discovered this new trend and offers specially developed so-called Barefoot shoes from the sport specialized trade “that simulate the feeling of walking barefoot, but by splinters or sharp stones, protect the feet from injury, about. Their sole material is only one millimetre thick and allows the more than 200,000 nerve endings in the sole of the foot and the toes to perceive substrates natural and authentic. Nevertheless, the high-tech material of this super lightweight shoes, which is there to lace-up or to slip, is absolutely rissfest, heat-resistant and extremely resistant to abrasion. Who is not sure whether he or she may wear barefoot shoes, should consult a Podiatrist of his confidence before. Barefoot running is recommended also for the is a training program. First should you start slowly and that develop the new walking sensation. Gradually is then started with light walking or jogging and the run duration increased. Is recommended to perform between the running phases equilibrium and relaxation exercises. The abwechseln-rich movement is fun and motivated to be more active athletic barefoot or with a good sports shoe is of secondary importance.

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