Chernigov Mstislav

Vikoristavshis military cunning, in 1024 at the Battle of the leafy, 40 km from Chernigov Mstislav defeated the army of his brother. For the Slavs, this victory was great importance, as the army consisted of Mstislav the Brave of its local citizens, and served in the army of Yaroslav the Vikings, professional soldiers, who were considered invincible. But not for nothing Yaroslav the Wise was given the nickname: what he failed to win power, he partially succeeded diplomacy – two years later the brothers were reconciled and shared the Russian lands along the Dnieper. Chernihiv was the capital of the principality, whose lands have reached the Oka and Don, Azov Sea. in Chernigov 10 years, Mstislav died suddenly and Chernigov lands were passed to Yaroslav the Wise, who shortly before his death, divided them between his three sons. Chernihiv got Svyatoslav, who reigned there 19 years and became the founder of the dynasty Svyatoslavich. From time to time disputes over Chernihiv princes became particularly acute. In 1078, lived here , but 16 years later, he was compelled to board her son Svyatoslav Oleu.

In 1097 Lyubetsky Congress recognized the hereditary rights of princes in Chernihiv and Chernihiv land for Svyatoslav, who ruled here for over a century. The Board of Mstislav the Brave was the beginning of the golden age of Chernigov. Taxes in the princely Treasury acted with the territory, equal to modern France. Rapidly expanding art and craft, written records, there was Chernigov own architectural style, were erected beautiful buildings.

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