I recognize that I have one pssimo habit has millenia. In day-by-day I do not know pausadamente to eat and nor to saborear the meal. I bring alongside myself with the food as if ringue of valley was in one everything. Or I or it. Living creature running alucinadamente, always taking off the father of the gallows. Patience is not my fort.

It must be the last item of the scale. When the hunger presses the situation if it aggravates very and. My mood is irascible. I have para to catch line. I prevent to any cost any place that I have that to wait hours the wire. sights.

Necessary to want very, but very exactly some thing me enters to subject it in a Indiana line. If it will be for eating, never. I am not nor moored. To me to come across in the entrance of an accumulated restaurant with one of people that if procreate to the measure that the time goes passing is not nor to save the life of somebody. It has as much option to eat in So Paulo, I oppose to make an indian program, exactly having tacape, to cocar, arc and arrow in the trunk of the car. Use with more frequency what it would like. To shock the palates finest, I confess that I consider the food for kilo the invention of the century. For my frantic project of being, it falls as a glove. I enter, I only serve myself of what I want, I swallow the food, pay and I go even so for Pasrgada. Nor Fast aguento Food I more. To catch password to be called, already is enough when I go to make examinations in the laboratories, in jejum, trying to bribe somebody for one biscoitinho and a coffee. I am not only I feed who me as a Peru in eve of Christmas.

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