Deads Communicate

Taken by this restlessness, and through different manifestations perceived from beings that had left this plane existential, by means of appearances, dreams, premonitions, psicofonas, psicoimgenes or phenomena extra-sensory, man has continued looking for answer, and although histories have always existed on ghosts and appearances of ultratomb, not it is until does relatively just a short time, that arises groups from students and specialistic scientists in this subject, that have contributed reasonable indications of the existence of further on, and therefore of the different possibilities from communication with the deceaseds. Normally the people who undergo phenomena of paranormal nature, in which they are witnesses of ghostly appearances or adressees of ultratomb messages, usually maintain these experiences privily, or at the most they share them with its circle of friendships. And this is logical partly since, which is not recognized officiously and demonstrated of scientific form, it cannot be accepted like normal, for that reason these people in order to avoid to be erased of visionary crazy people or, prefer to stay in the anonymity. But the increasing information that can be obtained in the different means, has ensure communications between diverse people that somehow have undergone similar situations with respect to the experiences with deceaseds, causing a relation of informative interchange that has taken to the creation of training groups or societies specialized in the subject. And it is through the studies realised by some of these organizations, as well as the information facilitated by those people who have had some experience of the denominated E.C.M. (Experiences near the death) or of the people who have been objects of ghostly experiences, that we can know some the mentioned experiences, as well as in the subject of the communication post morten..

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