Design Competition BuchGesichter

The three winners have been fixed / prize money in the amount of 4,000 euros to the online voting on are the three winners: from Weimar, Munster and Dusseldorf, the Grand Prize winner of the design competition BuchGesichter come 2009. The Cornelsen Publishing House had called all trainees, students or new entrants in the creative field, to co-develop the envelope design of a new series of books for the professional qualification in the media and advertising industry. Partner of the design competition are the Berlin Brandenburg, as well as the German Marketing Association. BuchGesichter 2009 is endowed with a total of 4,000 euros. 287 posts have been filed nationwide. 2,000 euros for first prize to Thomas Gnahm. The Augsburg-born 29-year-old will diplomieren soon at the Bauhaus University in Weimar. “Candy Editorial Director Erich Schmidt-Dransfeld is delighted: first media guide in our publishing house, whose Umschlage are developed according to the base design by Thomas Gnahm appear in the autumn.” Place two, connected with a Cash prize of 1,500 euros, beckons Sarah Kofort of Sendenhorst.

The 20-year-old visited the Adolph Kolping vocational college in Munster in the third year of training and will make their degree in Design Engineering Assistant in the summer. The jury for the third place, which goes to the Dusseldorf Robin Frank Awards 500 euros. The 29-year old trained media designer, digital and print media graduated in February at the Fachhochschule Dusseldorf to the communications designer and is since then a freelance designer. The copyright of the ten best posts can in the context of an event of the media week 2009 at the IFA in Berlin to personalities of the media, advertising and marketing industry personally. partner of the competition BuchGesichter 2009: the corporate Alliance of media economics Berlin Brandenburg e.V.

is the largest cross-industry business network in the region Berlin and Brandenburg. The members of belong to different sectors of the media industry, such as new media, film/TV, print and advertising, Multimedia, IT, music and communication. The German Marketing Association is the Professional Association of marketing management and umbrella organisation of 65 nationwide marketing clubs. Founded in 1956, it is today an institution the brand for practical training and transfer of know-how of marketing professionals.

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