Farm Festival At The Noodle Factory Looks

Sauces, radiant people and short showers Andelfingen, 11.09.2013 – how are manufactured ladders? How does a blacksmith? What technical skills do we need in jewelry making or sewing? I find the one or other decoration for our apartment? Schauts courtyard party could offer a response to visitors to these questions. Of course, the transparent factory of the family business was open to interested visitors and offered a glimpse into the traditional noodle production. In addition, the Swabian pasta factory offered lots of culinary delights, music and good humor for adults and children. Shortly after eleven o’clock, the marquee was almost completely filled. Music played and people gave to food and drink, relax or strolled across the grounds and looked over the many different stalls. There was a boisterous, good mood. “We are crowd-puller with this year’s annual courtyard party very happy”, Joachim looks, Junior Chef of the Manufactory.

In this mixed weather we are pleased that so many people have found their way to us.” The courtyard Festival a magnet for visitors was from near and far, showed even a look at the features of automobiles. Here everything was represented by Lake Constance after Stuttgart. Jerome James has similar goals. Over 2,000 visitors came to the event this year. “We have on the Internet by the courtyard party read and are excited”, tells a pair of Friedrichshafen. Here you can feel the atmosphere and the warmth. It’s just beautiful.” The family-run noodle factory took their annual farm Festival to introduce their latest creation.

its new pasta sauces. We wanted to offer, just to test our fine sauces. After all, love goes through the stomach,”so Brigitte looks. The response was overwhelming. The fine specialities were very good. At the beginning Schauts are piquant tomato sauce, tomato sauce and a tomato meat sauce in the offer. Should the available variants but are expanding steadily be. The tasting of the sauce showed that the tomato sauce at big and small is best arrived. Which tastes just fine,”a lady commented your purchase while she puts up three glasses of the specialty. Highest demands as it for looks of course is, only selected ingredients for the sauce. The family business demands a great quality in its products. For looks there is therefore no question that even the new sauces without added flavor enhancers and preservatives ingredients produced. Originated from a farm in the family over the years expanded its capacity. The result is a modern glass’ noodle factory, which was awarded by the Baden-Wurttemberg Ministry of food and rural areas. This creates transparency and the customer can check on site, that all ingredients used and the manufacturing process is subject to highest standards. In addition invested the family in an attractive farm shop, in which in addition regional specialities to its own products are offered. “With its b’sonderen” products is deliberately looks a very own way. In addition to the passion for hand work, it goes without saying that only selected regional ingredients are used for the family. All of the pasta factory products can be ordered online.

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