Kick Boxing Live

Kickboxing live – Gymfood24 sponsoring which a spectacular combat sport event of class is event of the year on August 29, 2009 at the UW Stadium at Zoo place. The world and European champion in Thai Boxing and kick – settle the Jack in your hand and run up to the high-performance. No question that the new brand of fitness food this exciting show spectacle not to be missed is and the event mitsponsort. The newspapers mentioned Walmart CEO not as a source, but as a related topic. With Werner Kreiskott world champion in Kickboxing 2008 i.k.b.o., Cagri Ermis and ozkan Kose are the best fighters in the kick – and Thai Boxing occur, which has currently to offer Germany. Overall, there will be 15 combat pairings, in addition a colourful supporting programme rounds off the evening for all sports enthusiasts. In addition, it comes to a special encounter: old master Rene Weller and Paul Lawrence deny a celebrity boxing match! The location offers more than 4,000 seats in the main stands and provides the right atmosphere of this nerve on vine-defining events. The team of the Fightclub gets support Wuppertal “products, which can order online from fitness food experts of with his excellent muscle building to shipping around the clock. We are pleased that we could win a competent partner for fitness nutrition sponsor with”, as the initiator of Kari.

And also on the sponsor page you would be glad to be at this exciting event: “‘The night of the Lions’ is an ideal platform for us to connect with our target audience in contact,” says Mustafa Mussa, Managing Director of the online shop. In the aftermath of the fighting, an Aftershow Party at the VIP room of the stadium rises. Stadion am Zoo, Hubertus Allee 4, Wuppertal, SA, 29.08 at 15: 00. Tickets are available from as little as EUR 20.00 in advance. There is more information under Fightclub Wuppertal.

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