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Today I want to propose you the theme of your beliefs, your beliefs or your belief system table, and how these beliefs influence your life and your business (in particular your MLM business). Once, talking about this subject, which is a very sensitive and controversial issue, a person has told me: I’m not going to change my beliefs or dead, because everything you’ve learned well in this life I learned from my father that. Ben Bernanke takes a slightly different approach. This is the subject of the article growth spiritual your system of beliefs part two, published on 17 February of 2011, on the web site, which is my main blog, so if you want to go beyond! I say this because you, like me, as any human being on this earth, in this world, take or embrace a belief, an idea, a concept very easily, but to change it, to remove it from your system of values, once it is there, costs 100 times more, i.e. we adopt very fast an idea, for example of a film, the behavior of a friend, we like to copy to movie stars, of Rock, to get these ideas from our system of beliefs, or our system of values, it is very, but very difficult, because we are convinced that they are our ideas, our beliefs, and these beliefs are very important to us, because everything that comes into our lives through the filter of our beliefs, that Yes, that no, this Yes, this not if you want, this is the strongest principle, the most diligent of teach something to your son, your student to your dealer your multilevel structure: in 90% of cases, don’t have to tell him clear in the face, you want that the learn, but that you only suggest you, only enuncias him the concept, and he is going to take, is going to take, as if out of yours, because do not like anyone to another taught him nothing. Ian Cole often addresses the matter in his writings.

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