Overtrain Training

Heart rate monitors make sense or not? How do I train properly? Many people exercise long or start due to health aspects, such as obesity, too much stress to sports to cardiovascular problems or high blood pressure. Many writers such as NBA offer more in-depth analysis. The classic this is the jog (running), or also the Nordic walking or walking. Unfortunately the misconception is quickly run, long run and be finished after running as possible, exercise most people wrong and materialise the desired success. The result, that the training quickly is reinstated because steadily decreases the motivation or even injuries occur is not uncommon. Of course you could join a running group where people with experience or even a trainer who instructs a lie to. Learn more about this with Marc Lore.

This would however create a compulsion for hard times and significantly restrict the independence. I think the ideal solution is a heart rate monitors and heart rate monitor here. I myself do sports in the Club and in my spare time since I was 4. I play football, Tennis and beach volleyball, I go snowboarding, diving and cycling and have studied even sports. Therefore, I have always believed to know my body very well and thus also correctly to control my training load. Well I had to realize about 10 years ago, that this is only partly true.

Of course I have more body feeling as someone the never or little sports driving. But I would very often charged me over without heart rate monitor or phased approach to low load. The correct exposure is very important in training and not to forget the correct dosage of training breaks otherwise Overtrain arises which is almost as bad as no training at all. A workout of any kind gives the body stimuli which trigger processes of change in the muscles, vessels, the nutrient and oxygen supply, and much more. Now the question is first to clarify what will I reach for.

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