South Beach

Of coral reef are a few places, popular among lovers of scuba Navigation: rock, Jesus and Moses, which can be accessed over a bridge in the northern part of the reserve, and 'Japanese Gardens' in the southern part, received their name from the striking similarity between the coral 'garden' and a Japanese garden. 'Japanese Gardens', stretching for 500 meters in length and stretching into the depths of the two stages are the largest and most protected place for scuba diving in Eilat. Because the coral reef – it's very complicated and sensitive ecosystems, and any change could result in a chain of adverse reactions in the reserve strictly monitor the number of divers in the Reef and the fulfillment of all rules that support ecological balance. In addition to the coral reef in Eilat has a few more exciting places for diving. Among them, 'Cave', a convenient and popular with divers place, situated near the border point of Taba and has two underwater passage through the reef, one of which can be crossed by swimming. To the north of the reserve is a wonderful 'Garden eels, where you can see the' forest 'eels, standing upright.

At the edge of the southern shore is Lighthouse, which marked two ring route. Before the 'Garden Sculpture', arranged in the middle of the sea, can only be reached on the floating means and only when accompanied by an instructor. Opposite the south marina is missile boat Israeli navy, sunk in 1994, and next to it – popular among tourists 'Paradise'. There is also an Institute of the Sea, where scientists and students from different universities conducting research and experiments on growing corals. Almog beach front you can see another sunken boat, 'A Yetush' ('Midge', in Hebrew), and on the South Beach ('A Dromey "), on the way to Taba, is to dive to admire the' table Neptune '(or Veronica) – Cluster coral, looking like the top tables. If you know how to dive, then your service in Eilat are many places where you can rent all the equipment necessary to fully enjoy the beauty underwater world. And if we do not know how, it's time to learn, because here you have a unique opportunity to study at any of dozens of diving schools and, possibly, to implement his dream. In There is the tourist information center provides guidance on equipment rental and scuba diving, as well as general information on the Eilat and its sights.

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