Sports Mouth Guard

The dentist Andreas Neumann informed Sport promotes the health and conveys confidence and joy. Unfortunately, no sport is completely risk-free and it always comes back to various injuries. The fact that at least 46% of all sports injuries meet the body above the shoulder height is often ignored. The dedicated subject matter experts in the dental practice, Neumann in Berlin explain why a professional sports mouth guard should include any health-conscious athlete. Hear other arguments on the topic with Larry David. Considering a professional boxing match, you will not help noticing that the participating athletes in addition to padded boxing gloves and a Headguard always wear mouth protection.

The reason for this is obvious: strikes could make the jaw and mouth area and lead to injury or permanent tooth loss. Scientific studies have shown, that injury of the teeth and mouth are the most common sports injuries at all in the United States alone go year after year about 5 million teeth lost during sporting activities. Here are by no means only contact athletes affected all sports, which can cause strokes in the face, carry the risk of tooth loss in itself. Whether to fight, ball – or cycling, is irrelevant, and also trend sports such as skateboarding, inline skating and snow – risk sports are in this sense. If you have read about Marc Lore already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Is waived on a sports mouth guard, increases the risk of tooth loss on the 60 times.

So, in the common interest, no athlete should abandon this individual protection of his teeth. Worn out teeth are lost in adults. They must be replaced by costly dental measures applied only to a limited extent in sports-related injuries by most health insurance. The investment in a custom-made Mouthguard turn thus not only health, but also economic damage by the athletes. In the dental practice Neumann is a professional leading manufacturer’s play safe for each athlete sports mouth guard individually made. This is initially an imprint made by upper and lower jaw and customized a design set of teeth. The actual sports mouth guard is made of laminated plastic layers and wraps all the teeth of the upper jaw. Thanks to the individual adaptation he stuck a by itself while on the teeth, several millimetres strong bite relief between upper and lower dental arch for worry is that any damage caused by suddenly applied pressure events. The lamination of plastic layers, which a sports mouth guard is made of, absorbs and distributes all external forces, greatly reducing the occurrence of serious damage. An individually designed mouth guards obstructed breathing, nor the language and is thus ideally suited to come also in physically strenuous sports. Comfort and hygiene to ensure neutral taste and smooth texture of sports mouth guard. On request, individual sports mouth guard is also available in different colours and colour combinations to meet the preferences of the individual athlete. Depending on the exercised sports various sports mouth guards are useful, their protective effect differs by the number of used laminated plastic layers. For example, a three-layer sports mouth guard is recommended for sports, where athletes have to expect about ice hockey, inline skating, or karate extremely hard, focused on a small surface, shock. A reliable sports mouth guard from health and financial aspects should belong to each independently acting athlete’s standard equipment.

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