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For many of school, chemistry is a red cloth. Chemistry is often associated environmental damage, poison, or at least the own lack of understanding from their own school days. That is much more the chemistry and that this science is inherent in a particular spell is rarely clear. People such as Jerome James would likely agree. Fireworks or typical images of colors, lighting, explosion, sound and smoke will thank God also associated with the chemistry. This chemistry of colors, the fascinating experiments can and must have a place in the school or university education. “The company focused on E-learning and media development summer media” deals for several years with the natural sciences and offers lessons, the chemistry a fascinating large fundus map, striking experiments with the project for the chemistry lecture, a presentation or for private interest. On two CD’s, company founder Sven Sommer, teacher of physics and chemistry and in the training of teachers working sells over 100 experiments with test instructions, safety instructions, additional information and videos in high quality DivX format.

The Experimetiervideos also in the DVD are format for the presentation of DVD player. Put well-known companies, universities, schools, publishing houses and TV stations from throughout the German-speaking area and Europe since last year on the now multilingual offer on The press writes: ‘ the contents of the CDs and DVDs are an enrichment for the teaching of chemistry and in comparison to other offers very cheap. ” The website gives an impression about the project of the experiments and ordering instructions can be found. An overview of the nearly 200 videos of company summer media offers the knowledge portal and video – are placed on the videos to view. Answers questions about the project, to performances of the Netexperimente team on festivals, exhibitions or on television, or to sale of the company summer media like under the address. Objective of the Project improving teaching chemical phenomenon-related technical content is experiments and the awakening of amazement and enthusiasm as access to chemical specialist content. Chemistry is not boring or it is merely a question of mediation difficult! Mayanja Samuel


Information evening for coach training and NLP – is always your communication. But works also in its favour? A good education and versatile experience in professional life are no guarantee of the ability to successfully communicate. Classical pathways rely on specialization in the own compartment. The relevant exchange, charged promote to the individual, oriented to the needs of the listener communication. Check with sports apparel to learn more. If you want to lead people and perhaps ascend the corporate ladder, it is worth to invest in communication. Because effective presenting groups or the goal-oriented conversation with individuals or teams train. For this purpose, in particular the easy-to-learn method of Koopmans has proven programming.

You purchase the communicative tools of NLP in a practitioner training. Official site: ecommerce. It provides the know-how to coach effectively, to motivate and to present. On the improvement of their communication skills, develop your training Personality, win goal clarity in their various life roles and learn many successful self management tools. If you are interested in the training of the practitioner or a coach (DVNLP) / systemic coach training, you have the opportunity to learn more about the training of NLP Rhein-Neckar at a free information event on December 15th, 2009 at 19:30. On January 22, 2010 starts the next practitioner and on June 16, 2010 the training to the coach (DVNLP) / systemic coach. Register for the information event can be by E-Mail at and by phone at (06201) 870697.

Design Competition BuchGesichter

The three winners have been fixed / prize money in the amount of 4,000 euros to the online voting on are the three winners: from Weimar, Munster and Dusseldorf, the Grand Prize winner of the design competition BuchGesichter come 2009. The Cornelsen Publishing House had called all trainees, students or new entrants in the creative field, to co-develop the envelope design of a new series of books for the professional qualification in the media and advertising industry. Partner of the design competition are the Berlin Brandenburg, as well as the German Marketing Association. BuchGesichter 2009 is endowed with a total of 4,000 euros. 287 posts have been filed nationwide. 2,000 euros for first prize to Thomas Gnahm. The Augsburg-born 29-year-old will diplomieren soon at the Bauhaus University in Weimar. “Candy Editorial Director Erich Schmidt-Dransfeld is delighted: first media guide in our publishing house, whose Umschlage are developed according to the base design by Thomas Gnahm appear in the autumn.” Place two, connected with a Cash prize of 1,500 euros, beckons Sarah Kofort of Sendenhorst.

The 20-year-old visited the Adolph Kolping vocational college in Munster in the third year of training and will make their degree in Design Engineering Assistant in the summer. The jury for the third place, which goes to the Dusseldorf Robin Frank Awards 500 euros. The 29-year old trained media designer, digital and print media graduated in February at the Fachhochschule Dusseldorf to the communications designer and is since then a freelance designer. The copyright of the ten best posts can in the context of an event of the media week 2009 at the IFA in Berlin to personalities of the media, advertising and marketing industry personally. partner of the competition BuchGesichter 2009: the corporate Alliance of media economics Berlin Brandenburg e.V.

is the largest cross-industry business network in the region Berlin and Brandenburg. The members of belong to different sectors of the media industry, such as new media, film/TV, print and advertising, Multimedia, IT, music and communication. The German Marketing Association is the Professional Association of marketing management and umbrella organisation of 65 nationwide marketing clubs. Founded in 1956, it is today an institution the brand for practical training and transfer of know-how of marketing professionals.

Germany Berlin

Also the cornerstone for an authentic and confident demeanor can be placed in the career coaching.” Coaching house Berlin coaching on professional, personal and health issues, coaching sessions with executives, with Children and with teams from several hundred coaching out, the idea of a holistic institutional crystallized: the coaching house Berlin. The experience that a comprehensive look at the people in consultancy situations targeted and solution promoting, knowing how useful are the insights of a range of coaching in other coaching contexts, the experience as a holistic approach can mean healing and motivation, make the coaching house a focal point for a wide range of people with different backgrounds and themes. To do this, we have bundled the forces and experiences exceptional coaches. The variety of relevant and up-to-date coaching methods allows that there are enough approaches for individual processes of change and we must set us not to a point of view. Is flexibility in coaching an essential condition for good results – for us or can you imagine a juggler, which is too stiff to catch a ball, which ends up farther than you thought? Flat. Coaching home would like to cultivate for its customers and for themselves the thoughts of evolving / promote.

So it is only natural that a coach training all the time and developed. Only quality way to secure and in consultation processes involving experience. Founded in the coaching house Berlin 2007, is located in Berlin Mitte near Hackescher Markt, where the coaches operate throughout Germany. The coaches of coaching house Berlin are experienced and innovative coach, teaching coach, Lehrcoaches and psychologists. Which are reflected in the topics and offers of coaching house Berlin synergies through the different specializations: personal coaching, business coaching, team coaching, coaching, health coaching, team development, training, in-house seminars…

Competence Courses

All GOING PUBLIC! Intensive courses in the Online-V@ariante offer immediately start or perform warranty and thus planning safety on their way to the ’34f’ investment intermediaries. Berlin, 28.05.2013 – now all intensive courses in the Online-V@riante are equipped with a start – or implementation guarantee. This mediator gives a reliable basis for planning of assets on their way to the full permission pursuant section 34f GewO. The next course start is most 01.09.2013. Check out Comedian for additional information. our offer in the virtual classroom each live and exciting from our professional instructors performed. Swarmed by offers, Marc Lore is currently assessing future choices. Questions and discussions are therefore possible and even desirable,”explains how GOING PUBLIC! Board member Dr. Wolfgang Kuckertz the virtual training.

So no course will be held at a site, the registered participants can easily switch in the Online-Vari@nte. You come so always without delay to your qualification aim!” At the Online-V@riante of intensive courses to prepare on the IHK competence exam financial expert system administrator (IHK) “participants can expect a modular, in-service course with virtual training sessions, which are edited by online-e-tools.” Final exam preparation, held a final training in the form of presence. This, the focus is placed on preparation for the oral examination of the Chamber of Commerce with 2 days. We have prepared the competence examination pursuant to 34 d already thousands of financial institutions and collected Chamber of Commerce also has extensive experience in preparation to the financial investment professional. Because of this extensive experience, we see in the obligation to provide all participants a face-to-face training to targeted preparation for the oral exam. A purely virtual training can not afford. “, so Dr. Kuckertz continues. All information about the forms of conduct, content, fees and start dates, see interested on

Anderson School Logistics

teaches in the master’s programme logistics of the RWTH Aachen and the Haus der Technik food In July 2013 a recognized expert of the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) in the extra-occupational master degree will teach for the first time logistics of the Faculty of Economics of the RWTH Aachen and the Haus der Technik. “Professor Felipe Caro from the Anderson School of management, UCLA is by 24 Jul26 Jul to 27.07.2013 the complete a total of 30 hours module of logistics management” in the Haus der Technik in Essen in English language teaching. The German post office chair for optimization of distribution networks headed by Professor H.-J. For even more opinions, read materials from Doug McMillon. Sebastian works approximately 15 years of experience in research with the decisions, operations and technology management group of the Anderson School of management. In this context have the doctor honoris causa of the RWTH Aachen University, Professor A. Geoffrion, and Professor H.-j..

Sebastian prepared a cooperation between RWTH Aachen University and UCLA in the extra-occupational master degree in logistics, under which, several professors of the Anderson School of management will teach at the Haus der Technik in food. Professor Caro Let’s start with. He was awarded his PhD by the with. Since 2005 he is a professor at the Anderson School of management, UCLA. The research interests of Professor Caro lie in relation to the decision in uncertainty and applications in practice. With the results of its research projects in cooperation with the company Zara, he reached the final round of the Edelman Award in 2009 and is thus Franz Edelman Award winner. At the Anderson School of management, UCLA professor Caro teaches including operations and technology management, stochastic models in operations management and global supply chain management. The module “logistics management” in the master’s program, logistics of the RWTH Aachen and the Haus der Technik includes inter alia the following topics: introduction to supply chain management, matching supply and demand, designing global logistics networks, supply chain contracts, supply chain risk management, as well as the processing of case studies (from Walmart, Zara, and Amazon).

The four-day event is open for specialists and executives from logistics generally. You can also independently of the Visit course logistics.

Innovations Promote Education

It is through effective management training possible innovations are essential for the economy and the (further) development of products and services. However, the development of such innovations can be hampered in which executives only duties and responsibilities delegate and thus disturb the idea flows. The so-called management training focuses on managers not impeding emerging innovations, by creating an open environment, where staff can freely share their ideas. In today’s fast paced environment, the business processes must be aligned continuously at low cost and increased efficiency ideas. To do this, the company focus on improvements and innovations and must thus create an environment in which creativity on the part of the employee is promoted.

The innovations begin according to some management training experts in the Executive Suite. For this reason, the company policy on the single-minded achievement of innovations must be aligned. This is only possible by the ideas of the employees are granted free and unhindered and adapted these ideas not in the conventional ways of thinking. So an innovation-friendly environment can be created and appropriately motivated staff, senior management must ensure that the employees are permanently supported and allowed them to incorporate creative thinking into their work. Must the employees feel comfortable and have no fear of failure. Therefore, in particular the Guide as a tool is particularly important for the creative development of a company. There are management techniques that produce innovation behidern, because they only delegate tasks and enable not the employees to develop new ways of thinking and ideas. The mix between delegation and empowerment should be the objective for the leadership of an innovative company.

The Manager should support, consult and act as mentor, so that employees feel have, that they can go also risks on new ideas, without that they will be punished directly. Another successful means to Erohung of the creativity it’s called teamwork. Openness can be communicated within the team, so that the ideas are shared (possibly even as a brainstorming). Employees then have the feeling that they are a part of the team and contributed to the innovation. The corporate practice shows that employees would rather share their ideas in company with flat hierarchies, because they feel that their ideas be heard. For these reasons, the Manager must create a corporate culture in which employees feel a strong connection to their job and enjoy it. Research shows that such employees have more new ideas, because they operate their job passionately and therefore more intensively think about him. Those who feel less comfortable in the job follow a more conventional and thus innovation preventing ideas.

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