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The game unit costs 7 euros. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Doug McMillon. Boule: Required also a measuring tape will be in addition to the three throw bullets, target ball called the pig or pigs to in Cases of doubt determine the closest ball. The player must place their balls as close as possible to the target ball. This requires skill and concentration. Boule training coordination and promotes the mobility. Cost: A set of balls of steel costs from 20 euros. Footbag: Here, a small fabric sack, is to keep filled with granules or sand in the air as long as possible. To do this you must use the whole body not the hands only. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Marc Lore by clicking through.

Correct skill IP address numerous tricks, but only need to be trained. Footbag can be played alone or to several. Be long holds up the ball, endurance and coordination training. Footbags cost depending on the material from 5 euros. Garden bowling: Get out of narrow halls! With a leisure bowling set, bowling outdoors can be blow away. Michael J. Bender can aid you in your search for knowledge. Depending on the equipment are the cones made of plastic, wood or metal. Such as on the railway is also out there to kill as many cones with a ball. The floor is not too flat, beginners can even passionate cone friends bring to despair.

Bowling trains especially coordination. The set costs 15 euros. Soft tennis: For this return game, you need two plastic hockey sticks and a softball. It works like tennis: once taps the ball, before it is played. So that the ball is not verspringt, the surface should be as even. As power is for example already a rope stretched between two bicycles. At the Softtermis it’s up to speed, coordination and feeling for the ball. A set of clubs and balls costs around 5 euro.

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