The Professor

The position many times inflexible of these professionals in the hour to apply a test makes to seem that, this avaliativo instrument will disclose what the pupil in fact learned. What we know not to be truth and if constitutes in contributing factor for the pertaining to school evasion. 3. PRACTICAL INNOVATORS Creativity are a basic element in the daily pertaining to school, therefore it allows to the professor a revitalizao of its practical educational. allows to the pupil a valuation as being the thing most important in the teach-learning process. Practical the pedagogical one, is based on the reality of the facts that occur, fruit of activities tried for the pupils in the most diverse situations of learning.

Games, dramatical activities, scientific experiences can be used, drawings, counted music, histories verbally and writings, in accordance with what if it intends to work. A great number of pedagogical practical professors is rediscussing its, primordial question for all educator, therefore, according to Freire (1997: 44) ' ' It is thinking critically the practical one of today and yesterday that if it can improve next prtica' '. Thus, practical the pedagogical one will only be truily useful will be capable to stimulate the collective intelligence of its students, more still, to make to feel itself it subject of the pedagogical action cannot wait for a ready package of techniques and methods of education, but yes to search to develop the creativity and in the practical one to recriarmos our proper practical pedagogical one. On this form the innovation of the school, will depend on its responsibility that will motivate and walk for the transformations carried through for the constant reflection of practical its, considering to the educandos inherent knowledge to the diverse pertaining to school and extra-pertaining to school contexts, finding half that they facilitate to its learning and its educational development.

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