Unexpected Encounter

II was riding on my bike by a lonely road. The trails were muddy and the sky threatened rain. To the side of the road there was a forest. I decided to put me in it. I arrived in a small clear surrounded by thick vegetation, with some trees in the middle. The floor was covered with dried leaves and the atmosphere was dark and damp.

The solitude and silence floated in the air. I left my bike to one side and I heard a Growl to my back, followed by a short blow. -What you want to be is huge I thought, while I came back slowly. Amazed, I contemplated the largest boar that I had seen in my life. The animal growled again. It was huge: a mazacote of muscles and bones that would weigh more than sixty pounds; probably more. Wild boar turned me back and two steps away. I raised my hand, almost without breathing, to make a photo, but the animal stopped and turned.

He growled and barked with force. I noticed how it concavity on the verge of a decision. I remained still, looking at his tiny eyes. Your look it was black and deep, powerful, penetrating, immense, ancient. It was as if the ages of the world were there, contained at the bottom of his eyes. It was something too beautiful and perfect. I don’t know how long we were thus looking at us. We were so close that I could see as their jaws are dilated when breathed. It could not remove my gaze from her eyes, unfathomable, dark and deep. Then I felt a wonderful feeling, I plunged into the abyss without light in his eyes and I forgot to think, live, feel, and loved that animal with all my soul, as only you can love what is infinitely noble and pure. Suddenly, the animal averted its gaze from me. She shook her head and let a Growl short and dry; It seemed outraged by my presence. He gave me back and marched slowly, powerful and aware of the force of his being. I left perplexed forest and returned slowly trying to save in my memory every detail of that encounter. Arriving at my house I told my adventure to my son and he asked me: He had tusks wild boar? Now that I think about it, I don’t know. I just remember his gaze. A look that I will keep in my soul, like a magnificent treasure, with me, forever.

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