Holotropic Breathing

The theoretical part of the training covers the following topics: Holotropic Breathwork as a method of increasing energy efficiency through the release of the unconscious – getting rid of psychosomatic and emotional disorders Holotropic breathing as a method of getting rid of the influence of negative emotions (emotional charge) and physical states in terms of freedom of expression in a controlled, secure environment to switch their skills relation to any events (one of the methods to overcome any crisis) – the analogy of any situations of personal development (firms, enterprises) from birth (perinatal matrix 4) Training skill out of any expectations and the removal of any control Happiness is easy! Finding its integrity through the expansion of the picture describing the world A connected conscious breathing as a separate operation – the prevention of negative emotions Daily practice of: 1. 2 processes in the classical format Holotropic Breathwork by Stanislav Grof (paired sitter – holonavt) 2. Integration experience (drawing mandalas) and discussion of processes (Everyone is talking about his process as long as it sees fit). No one in the group does not discuss other people's processes, and makes no ratings. Holotropic breathing promotes activation of the unconscious to such an extent that it leads to unusual states of consciousness. This new principle in Western psychology, although over the centuries and even millennia, and is used in shamanic healing practice of many nations at various ecstatic ritual of sects in the ancient Mysteries death and rebirth.

In this kind of work, often at the first session, it becomes clear that the roots of psychological problems extend far beyond the events of early childhood and beyond individual unconscious. The basic philosophical premise of Holotropic Breathwork is that the average person in our culture, lives and works at a level far below their potential. This depletion is due what a person identifies himself only with one aspect of your being, your physical body or ego. This false identification leads to an unhealthy, not genuine, and deprived of life achievements, and also causes emotional and psychosomatic disorders of a psychological nature. Applying the method of Holotropic Breathwork not bring their expectations and concepts in the content of the rising material. Worked through to the actual time holotropic session material. This is an important principle of Holotropic Breathwork, and provides its advantages over other methods.

Mini Courses

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