Brazil Olympics

It competed in the three modalities in the first Olimpada of that Brazil participated, in 1920. To the 49 years, it disputed the olmpicos games of 1932. For the CR They are Cristvo, Abraho Saliture won 3 (1923) and 4 (1924) Passages of the Guanabara. The competition of swimming inaugurated in 1921 had one passage of 4.100 meters that went of the island of the Good Trip, in Niteri, to the beach of Luzia Saint, that existed in Rio De Janeiro, before being filled with earth. In 05.07.1909, in the house of Joo Rollo Baptist, in the Beautiful Street (then Beautiful Street of Is Joo, old Street of the Quartis), nineteen other esportistas had established Are Cristvo Athletic Club, the great champion of 1926 (minutely described conquest in book of Gustavo Crtes and Raymundo Pictures), dedicated one to the soccer and other terrestrial sports. Its first departure was goleada of 5×1 on Mercy FC, in 01.08.1909.

According to Adolpho Schermann, the first field of Is Cristvo was installed in the land of the residence where it was established. Later, it was changed for ' ' Quente&#039 hole; ' , next to a quarry of the Slope of the Red Adobe (today Street Fonseca Teles). Of there, the teams passed to one of the fields of the Field of Is Cristvo (then Square Deodoro Marshal), where he trained and he played until, in the management of president Guillermo de Almeida Brito, he acquired a land in n 200 of the Street Figueira de Mello, next to the river Joana. It was in this address where it inaugurated its field, with the launching of the basic rock of the arquibancadas ones, in 07.09.1915, with a victory of 1×0 on America. But still it was only one field. Stadium exactly alone was inaugurated in 23.04.1916, with race, brandishhes, fight Roman and two departures of soccer: in the preliminary, They are Cristvo (second pictures) 2×1 Palms AC (first pictures; a club of the quarter); in the main departure, Saints FC Are Cristvo 1×1 (yes, the proper one, in its first interstate game; the first one of Is Cristvo was in 15.11.1915, victory of 5×3 against HERE the Ypiranga, So Paulo).

Royce Gracie

The presentations of Royce Gracie are a good example, where it and the adversary most of the time leave clean, without no scratch, let us see the case where he faced the gigantic Dan Severn he made and it to give up only with a strangulation, not leaving an only trauma. This situation does not exist in the MMA, its athletes has the immobilized hands with bands and gloves, thus, beyond protected of injuries, also becomes in a powerful weapon, a time that favors the power of ' ' punch' ' , this contributes to take advantage the aggressive game of Trocao and Ground and Pound, in damage of traditional way of the soft arts. One is about a commercial event that lives of profit, therefore, the necessary MMA of advertising and for this needs to present emotive fights, with intense movement and aggressive plasticity, full of joelhadas, caneladas, kicks and cotoveladas in the face, beyond socos, that is, the fights are true commercial products of the violence. For more information see this site: Comedian. This is not part of the characteristics of the JJB, that is an art whose strategy is based on the cadence (the technique of the JJB not if manifest in an only explosive action, but in a coordination of mediate actions and low intensity), ininterruptividade (one JJB fight does not allow to be interrupted and to be restarted of the zero, therefore it consists of the work of progression of the positions) and sense of chance (the technique possesss a time certain to be applied, being necessary to wait its moment). Moreover, the actions developed in the JJB are little pleasant aesthetic (to see two marmanjos of pyjamas-kimono grasping themselves she is very flat) and of low visual perception (it is a kinaesthetic art, as much that a deficient appearance practises the JJB best that many people endowed with vision), what it demands certain level of maturity technique to understand the dynamics of its fight, profile this that is not present in the general public of the MMA, formed for laypeople, whose expectation is only the emotion of the entertainment. .

National Education

For Wedge: The repression was the first measure taken for the government tax for the 1964 blow. Repression to everything and all considered suspected of practical or same subversive ideas. The mere accusation of that a person, one programs educative or book had inspiration ' ' comunista' ' it was enough for resignation, suspension or apprehension. Frank Ntilikina recognizes the significance of this. (WEDGE, 1995, p.36). However this situation of repressive character, currently does not exist, but all this time was without a doubt a past of many popular fights, therefore the people did not stop to fight for the liberty of speech and a country that was democratic. Today it is evident, that great part of this freedom was conquered; the right of expression of the thoughts and ideologies politics; of education without expression, but still it can perceive some resqucios of the period of the repression, however what planted always it leaves some ' ' raizinhas encravadas' '. In this exactly context, 1962 initiates the first National Plan of Education, elaborated already in the validity of the first Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education, Law n 4,024, of 1961, in which it was not considered in the form of a law project, but was a set of quantitative and qualitative goals that would have to be reached in a stated period of eight years (Saviane, 1997, P.). In the decade of 80 the democratizadoras demands in the educational field had started to become enlarged themselves. E, in the truth, them had had short life, was as if, when wasting itself it euphoria democratizadoras of the period after-ditatorial, the necessary democratization of our system of education had been annulled to all those references. In question it has one decade, ' ' to democratize educao' ' it left of being the axle that would have to guide the public politics of the sector to constitute an absent subject, forgotten or if we intend more necessary to be silenced, in the scene American politician.

Mini Courses

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