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Artificial protein contains essential amino acids that promotes intake of proteins during the muscle building training faster muscle building, my experts. We recommend a daily protein intake of 1.5 grams per body weight for strength athletes. A good protein variation is the so-called whey protein. The whey protein is made from the whey. It is the best source for BCAA amino acids. BCAA-acids are important for athletes and even more for active bodybuilder. The body of a bodybuilder needs more BCAA’s as he can make available through endogenous synthesis.

In addition to these BCAAs also other essential amino acids are protein whey. Whey protein but no natural protein, is an artificial. It is produced in a complex filtration processes. The whey protein extracted from the milk of different manufacturing processes. There are many different manufacturing processes that different costs entail, the pure whey protein is at the end, the more expensive it in the Manufacturing. A whey protein concentrate containing small amounts of milk fat and milk sugar. A more expensive whey protein isolate contains no fat and lactose intolerant depending on the manufacturing process at all. In addition to the high concentration of essential amino acids and BCAAs, the whey protein also has the advantage that the body can quickly absorb it in comparison to other proteins and process.

Whey is important and helpful to protein for muscle growth because it provides enough proteins the muscles, which act as building blocks for the muscle. Better results in the muscle are the result. Other essential amino acids contained in the whey protein are, Valine, Leucine and Isoleucine. Essential amino acids are those that must be included with the food, because she the body itself cannot synthesize. Whey protein is available in various forms and can be used accordingly in the muscle. The most common whey protein for muscle building is protein powder. It can be in large packs ordered so that the athlete has a sufficient supply. An extremely active athletes can take up to nine measuring cups whey protein powder. Two or three measuring cup of whey protein for muscle building in 250 to 300 ml water or milk are stirred for a good protein shake. So a drink with whey protein for muscle building, you can drink up to three times a day. Whey protein offers two important advantages compared to other proteins. The recording speed would be a first: whey protein is within 20-30 minutes in the blood. It is the protein of choice after getting up and after the training. In addition, the whey protein has a high biological value 104, it is so wonderfully suitable for building a beautiful, toned muscles. During the diet phase, whey protein is very suitable. Equally, it can be used in several ways. Before and after the training whey helps protein initiate the construction processes and to protect the muscles before a reduction. After getting it, the body immediately in an anabolic helps Metabolic able to move. The body breaks down more fat is more muscles at the disposal. The muscles consumes a lot of energy, so the diet should aim always to preserve the muscles.

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