Lift up, grasp the ends of the neck grip the bottom (reverse grip), shoulder width apart. On straightened arms tighten neck down, sit down and fill in the thigh under the cushions. Straighten your torso and gently lift her shoulders. Hips recorded between the seat and cushions, a foot on the floor. Hands fully extended and slightly tilted forward. Load hangs on the stretched rope. Strain the psoas and lock the vertical position of the body until the end of the set. Inhale and hold your breath, pull the bar to the chest, sending the elbows along the sides straight down his back.

Once the neck touches the chest, pause, even more tense and try to keep the broadest shoulder blades together. Exhale and slowly return the bar to its original position. Tips The more straight arms in the original position, the more stretched tremendous back and the more reduced the lower part of the broad thrust at the very beginning. Dropping the bar to your chest, keep your elbows is not "froze" for a second and kept moving along the diagonal presence – and down his back. Once your elbows stop the work immediately included biceps. Motion of the elbow is terminated only when the bar touched the chest.

Keep the torso upright and your back slightly arched in the lumbar spine in Throughout the set. Leaning back, you reduce the load on the lower lat. Do not use very heavy weight, otherwise you will pull his biceps. Holding the breath during traction makes it easier to keep your back straight and greatly reduces the bottom of the broadest. To increase pressure on top of the broad, direct your elbows down, as close to your sides. The more you reduce the scapula, the stronger the juice upper lats. Application To: Athletes to the average level of training and higher. When: In the middle of the train back after the pull-ups and / or vertical thrust wide grip.

Andrey Gordeev

And in the second half, the best sniper “Moscow” Yakubko made by the final – 2-0 in favor of the guards Bozovic. “Saturn” – “Tom” 0:0 Masters of the game brought head coach Andrey Gordeev, who, as announced in a couple of days before the event management team will be at the helm of “Saturn” to the end of season 2009. But scarcely another change coaches once will result. Thus, in the 23rd minute unconvincing defensive line near Moscow, the team nearly brought his goal when Kinski shot at a time Kornilenko and Kharitonov, but the goalkeeper, “Saturn” was rescued by his team, not giving Siberians bombardirsky replenish the account. It should be noted and fortune, playing for the “Alien” and the judge Kolobaeva, sometimes openly sympathetic to “Saturn.” True, in the episode, which happened to fall when the shock position Ivanov, the referee in the penalty gate of visitors did not give. At the 39 th minute, “Saturn” has finally had a very beautiful and at the same time a dangerous attack, but its final Kirichenko could not beat Pareiko.

Active hosts was not episode, they really seized the initiative, but the first half ended as it began 0-0. Randall Rothenberg is full of insight into the issues. The second time the team can safely put in the passive. Creating a pair of points in the very ending of the match, they have not managed to get away from zero draw. Thus, the “Saturn” is not scored in the last four games, completing them with a total score of 0:9 and appreciated in the basement of the Premiership table.

Vikings Tables

Indeed, in a very convenient Slayp play on a ship or a yacht into the sea can be ensure that the pawn is not thunder on the table without a will a player, but only after his stroke quickly and easily "slipped" to his intended target. Moreover, the table for a very small and Slayp low. Its dimensions – one meter on and standard height – 75 inches. Without taking up much space, it fits perfectly in any, even the smallest space. In Slayp you can even play at a picnic, set to open air tables are not afraid of rain and bad weather. at approach. Vikings game was so dynamic and exciting, I loved them less warlike, but so bold and venturesome descendants. Through the centuries, Slayp reached today. Today Slayp love and play it, millions of people in the Nordic countries.

Russian Scandinavian billiards appeared just now. But there is no doubt that the legacy of the ancient Vikings will like the Russians! Slayp available to millions! Tables games are not expensive, three – Four times smaller than the tables for Russian billiards and American. After all, for tables Slaypa the same simple and unsophisticated, like their ancient inventors. In Slaype importantly – his spirit, and not look that way, never Vikings did not care! At the table to play there Slayp hardened in the battles of the spirit of ancient warriors, perhaps because it gives her the passion and conflict, forcing the player strives to win. Source: Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. The rules are simple: the winner is the one who score all the pawns of the enemy first. But the mystery of the Nordic pool is not in the rules. It is in the spirit of the game, born in the harsh north country for centuries and tempers on the ice and naval campaigns. Passing through hard tests that have befallen its inventors and the first player, breaking all the tragic and terrible moments in history, the Nordic pool survived and left the game for a strong spirit, bold and reckless. He came to Russia, to be the first!


Aikido must be approached with an updated fresh mind. In Japan, we extend this notion of the term "Shoshin", meaning "chaste heart." This is – the most important thing for learning path. About Shawsheen be thought of as something pure and childish sincere and naive. A study of techniques takes time, but gradually, over the years (it may need many, many years) you will be able to perform techniques like they are your part. Thus, even if it seems like you just do the same over and over again, day after day, if you're doing with Shoshin – with a fresh approach, a newcomer, your spirit will be profound, and your technique will gain depth and will be filled with substance.

Each lesson – a serious matter, and loss of time on it is unacceptable. This idea can be expressed using the Japanese term "ichi ichi th e" of the tea ceremony, which means that you think of a man sitting in front of you as a person whom you see in the first and last time in my life. Similarly, when engaged with a partner, you have to do it as though it may also go with the first and last. First, What I met O-Sensei, I had the opportunity to try some martial arts, I enjoyed them, but did not feel a deep interest to any. Despite the fact that in these arts for spirituality (seyshin), emphasis, I was a strong feeling that everything was as far away from art in general. When I met O-Sensei, I was very surprised and thought: "It is strange that such a venerable age, he was such a man." Before I was fighting arts with the idea that a victory over an opponent – their only goal, but O-Sensei introduced me to a whole new world. Now I would like to give some simple explanations of basic techniques that we study.

Cross Trainer

Before the training: Warm up before of each training session should not only beginners about ten minutes warming up – move – to loose on the elliptical machine and perform some exercises. As a result, the pulse rises and this prepares the heart and the rest of the body on the training. It is important for Cross Trainer beginners doing to control the pulse even at warm up. Who feels this bad or is in pain, should cancel the training. If the pain occurs again, a doctor should be consulted better, reviewed the health. Both the forward and the reverse motion can be used in the first phase of warming up.

Gradually increase beginners should start their training with two to three weekly units from twenty to thirty minutes. After the duration and frequency of the exercise can be increased and even fitness novices already within a few weeks up to a Training hour per unit. When to effortlessly complete each workout, it is time to increase the intensity. The training should be always pleasant and should never cause pain. Go to Randall Rothenberg for more information. Should the toes fall asleep during the first training units, it could be due to the position of the foot. A new setting of the foot pedals is often wonder, also the suitable footwear is important so that the feet are well irrigated. Another tip to get you started: body upright and stand straight so that breathing is nice and free. Interval training is a pleasant way of training for beginners on the Cross Trainer.

Here, the body is subjected alternately large and small loads. Because the body does not fully relax in the peaceful phases, gradually increase performance for interval training. So the intensity can, for example, after a warm-up period of 5-10 minutes at low intensity, with a loading phase (faster movement) one minute increases be. After this intense phase comes a quiet period of 3 minutes then it goes again from scratch. The intensive phase should be significantly shorter than the rest, the mileage should be approximately 30 minutes. Gradually increases the duration of the load phases, and at the same time shorten the recovery period. As soon as perceived by the effort during the intensive phase as too weak, the next difficulty level can be adjusted. A Crosstrainer is the ideal tool for beginners to start with the fitness training and achieving long-term and sustainable results. There are also on a training plan for beginners.

Russian Ball

At the very strict sometimes you can play billiards such extraordinary balls in the middle that could not help marvel as the ball drops. The fact is that when playing at a very steep angle in the middle of great importance optical illusion: the lack of a central point of sight. The ball must be miserable to play a blow, not risk to the stand. Cutting. By cutting all means doing the balls, standing at small angles to the host luzam. Sight during the cutting is easy, that's why the main force of his game is based on cutting. Cutting is for them and then great dignity, that of pool balls is always more that can be cut, you play right.

However, cutting a great inconvenience: 1) when cutting extremely difficult to determine where would be after hitting his ball, ie inconvenient output 2) observing the enemy's predilection for cutting, very easy to avoid cutting mats. A bold and confident cutting is the distinguishing feature of good Russian players. Excessive and very thin, characterizes the Polish players. Play only the French party, having developed in all the subtleties of attack for a long time, it can not be cut: they are intersecting spheres, ie take too thinly. But straight balls from players such impeccable. Cut in most cases have a moderate impact. Play ball at all, as previously mentioned, you can only when visible, with strict gun-sight, is the point at which to strike the ball. Therefore, if the balls are at an angle of 90 degrees, it is will be a limit cutting, which is therefore called the 'marginal'. But there is a possibility of pool play and then a ball, the angle a little less than 90, ie, when the points are not visible. In the study of the French attack became clear that his ball receives two movements.

Muscle Milk

Muscle milk is a food supplements on human milk muscle milk is a newly built, developed by CytoSport dietary supplement for athletes. The basic idea here is muscle milk a highly effective protein supplements. Athletes and bodybuilders often have the problem that not enough protein for muscle building are provided through the daily diet since already consumed a large amount of proteins for the muscle during exercise. Connect with other leaders such as Michael J. Bender here. To replenish the protein storage, an additional serving of protein should be taken after the workout. It is advantageous if the proteins from possible natural origin. Muscle milk can help here. The special thing about muscle milk is that the producers have kept for this product on the chemical patterns in human breast milk.

This has the same effect for the athletes, like human breast milk for the baby milk muscle: namely rapid muscle growth. The highly complex mixture of proteins, peptides and amino acids, which occur in human breast milk, are in a similar structure in the muscle milk related and thus promote fast muscle growth of the athlete. In addition to the muscle growth muscle milk through an innovative concept of the fat in the body reduce. Muscle milk a slightly higher fat percentage, however reduced in connection with the so-called lean lipids in the fat content of the athlete’s other low-carb products includes while in comparison. The milk used in muscle tight lipids promote fat burning of athlete’s in several ways. To be that in muscle milk 20% existing lipids called medium chain triglycerides (fast burning fats) mainly for muscle energy and heat transformed. Still, the long-chain, polyunsaturated fats are used by the body directly for the construction.

The medium chain triglycerides and the unsaturated fats stored in the body as body fat. Through the interaction of these two components is A fat-free muscle building allows athlete. In addition is muscle milk lactose free. Thus, muscle helps milk the athletes at the fast and lean construction of a muscles and at the same time it promotes the removal of already stored body fat. Muscle milk is therefore a supplement for each targeted employee athletes. Muscle milk is available as a powder or already mixed shake. Also an energy bar is available for a short burst of energy in between.

Yoga For Faster Sleep

I practiced that during the last few nights, get to sleep better. Either it works very, very well, or I’m very, very tired… probably involves a combination of both. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak has compatible beliefs. Either way, it’s a good exercise for students (you included) and to concentrate during Savasana or meditation on breathing. Close your eyes and breathe you and out through the nose.

Begin to focus on the breath and its occurrence and blow out through the nose. Which part of the nostril is affected by the input and exhale? You smell while you breathe anything? Do you smell something else during exhalation? Be there when your breathing fully. Focus now on what you see with your eyes closed. You can see light spots or colors, or points? Do you see anything with my eyes closed? Imagine now the numbers 1-10 behind the closed eyelids. The number 1 is located in the right hand corner of your right eye, and the number 10 in the left corner of your left eye. The remaining numbers are on a line between them.

You start breathing out (this is important, it must be started with the exhalation) count on one, and see ‘ gleichzeiting the number 1, all with your eyes closed. ut. Now breathe, still facing number 1. Now you exhale and look ‘ on the number 2. Now take a breath, still facing number 2, and breathe out overlooking the number 3 make you so on, until you take a breath with views to the number 10, you visualize in the left corner of your left eye. When your thoughts start to wander, you start again at number 1. If you make it to the number 10, without to fall asleep, you start again from the beginning. If you have twice drilled through the exercise without having your thoughts have moved and they had to start from scratch again, do you wonder whether you’re really tired? Try maybe just to sleep because it is the appropriate time? Sleep cannot be enforced, but can cause the body to be more relaxed and ready. If To catch that you sink in a half asleep, stop counting. Was sleep the idea, wasn’t it? I hope this exercise can help you. niyama yoga basel offers beautiful meditation of introduction of and yoga, which fits very well to. Sleep well, my Yogis and Yoginis!

Bavarian Championship

The hotel Sonnenhugel is main sponsor at the ice hockey Junior Tournament in Bad Kissingen (os) mercilessly ticking the time for the Sun Hill Cup organisation team of Kissinger wolves. The logistical effort for this unique ice hockey tournament in Bad Kissingen, Germany requires of the workers much time and sweat. But thanks to the cooperation and partnership with the hotel Sonnenhugel many problems for the Kissinger wolves could be solved. If on the 07.03.09 opens the tournament in the bath Kissinger ice Hall by the Mayor of Blankenburg, will fight 10 teams from 4 countries around the Sun Hill Cup 2009. In addition to the up-and-coming of bad Kissinger, wolves, the EC are the Dresden ice lions, the RSC Darmstadt, the Black Bears Freising, the Traunsee/sharks from Austria, Alba Volan from Hungary, the ESV enter Bach, the EHC Gelsenkirchen, CSGSA Strasbourg to guest in the spa town of bad Tolz.

Nearly 50 games will enjoy the viewers in two days in the bad Kissinger ice rink. The organisers of the bath Kissinger counting wolves more than 300 spectators to this mega – event in the junior ice hockey. The field promises high-class games where the teams by the EC bad Tolz, the Dresden ice lions, the Traunsee sharks and the guests from the Hungarian ice-hockey metropolis include Alba Volan amongst the favourites. Fully in the preparations put those bad Kissinger wolves, as well as a raffle with over 4,000 high-quality prices, is Bavarian culinary delights there around the ice rink, as well as on Saturday a giant cake buffet. Other events are in the planning. This shows itself in the offspring of which not only the ice hockey theme about wolves in this tournament Kissinger, the young wolves will carry the New Jersey of the young wolves from the Sun Hill Cup 2009 free advertising on your shirts for the DKMS (German bone marrow donor file).

For those in charge of the wolves, it is a point of honour to support the DKMS. At the same time, the wolves calling all ice hockey fans to leave on the 08.03.09 typify themselves. For the largest ice hockey tournament in Swiss francs the small student team coach Florian Kiesel is prepared, at the round-robin tournament last Saturday in its own Hall wolves convinced the young with a third place finish. Where they were the guests from Pegnitz 6-1 in the barriers. Against Hochstadt lost wolves with 3-2, despite playful superiority. This Sun Hill Cup 2009 unrepeatable thats okay all stakeholders. Alone the Tolzer Buam are known for their excellent junior work.

Olympic Gold

Lena Schoneborn on the title screen of Vitalife -Kataloges by Erhard sports Rothenburg (RL) – full relax with a hot stone massage: Lena Schoneborn, the new Olympic champion in modern pentathlon, on the title page of the current Vitalife shows up catalogue. With her fantastic success, the 22-year-old underlines the central message of the catalogue: regeneration is the basis for a healthy performance. The team of Erhard sports congratulates Lena to her great success. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Michael J. Bender. The renowned sports equipment provider Erhard sport international from Rothenburg ob der Tauber is partner of the Olympic base (OSP) Berlin. In this center of the German elite, every seventh German Olympian is maintained. Vitalife, Erhard also supports “Beijing 2008”, the OSP Berlin Champions Club Sport.

This creates the environment for a successful participation in the Olympic Games for the athletes. Prominent athletes of OSP Berlin have participated actively in the Vitalife catalogue 08; They show in the catalogue of many examples, how important Professional regeneration methods in elite sport are: Lena Schoneborn (Olympic champion in modern pentathlon), Natascha Keller (Olympic champion in 2004 in the hockey), Sara Goller and Laura Ludwig (European champions in beach volleyball), Tobias Schellenberg (European champion in diving), Kofi Prah (long jump) and Oliver Wenzel (swimming). “All sportsmen and sportswomen, the us in establishing the Vitalife have supported-Kataloges, thanks, to associated with a heartfelt congratulations for their great performance at the Olympic Games”, so Jochen Koppl, Managing Director of Erhard sports. The personal experiences of athletes and latest sports scientific findings can be used for your personal training by the Vitalife customers. About the important insight that is a sportsman in the advantage that regenerates faster and better: massage and heat treatments increase the muscular blood circulation and help to prevent tension. Whether it now the hot stone was massage or not – of Lena Saeed agreed performance on all cases, crowned in Beijing but to champion the versatility they are.

Vitalife : Vitalife is the Special range of Erhard sport for fitness, health and well-being. With the fields of “Balance & gymnastics”, “fit in the water”, “More movement for children”, “move with all senses” etc. Vitalife presents a special selection of sports equipment for the promotion of the movement. The selection of articles is in close cooperation with experts of the Olympic base in Berlin. The Internet portal offers beyond current contributions in terms of sports per health. About Erhard sport international: Erhard sports international, headquartered in Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a leading manufacturer and supplier of sports equipment industry. With more than 200 employees that manufactures sports equipment and equipment components of 125-year-old family-owned company for the global market. With more than 10,000 articles, innovative sports equipment and products Erhard sports is one of the market leaders in the industry. In particular, the planning and equipment for sports halls and sports facilities all over the world is one of the core competencies of the company. International major events such as World Championships and the Olympic Games are regularly equipped sport by Erhard. Contact / contact: Erhard sports International GmbH & co. KG Rainer Lederer – marketing/PR of upper Kaiserweg of 8, 91541 Rothenburg o.d.T. phone: 09861 406-850 fax: 09861 406 98185 E-Mail: Internet:.

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