Anorexia Nervosa

To feel small weak (anorexy and anorexy reversa); although to be great muscular e, also it was more frequent in levantadores of weight that used esterides (POPE, KATZ and HUDSON, 1993). Stories of individuals with use of esterides exist, had significant impact of mood and behavior, as euphoria, energy, inquietude and anger, mainly in that they use high doses (SAMULSKI, 1992). The Grimsby Town understood the implications. 2.8 – Situations of use of esterides anablicos Used mainly in clinical cases: corporal ncomposio; ntamanho muscular; nfora muscular; sanguineous nvolume (amount and volume); nhemoglobina (mioglobina); anti-catablicos nefeitos; active nrecuperao – improvements of the capacity to accumulate reserve of necessary training of quality for improvement; nprofilaxia and therapy for the injuries or illnesses in fabrics soft and hard; mannering nefeitos including the increase of aggressiveness, competividade (in athlete), and sensation of welfare. IV? Chapter 3 CONCLUSION: It concludes that, an argued percentage of research and stories, mainly focus its efforts in avaliao of the potential modifications ' ' positivas' ' (force, corporal mass and anthropometry), on the contrary of the effect ' ' negativos' ' of esterides in the health. The scientists, doctors and the administrators of the sport, worried about the question, had tried to surpass to the athletes the gotten data of patients with ample variety of debilitadoras illnesses. The studies made in athlete, had generally been very short and/or very low the used dosages of the drug to appear any possible pathological effect. On the basis of the qualitative differences and quantitative physiological physics and (cardiovascular, metabolic, etc.) between athlete and individuals ' ' normais' ' no-at; ethical, the extrapolaes aventadas in the discoveries of clinical patients for the athletes had been faced with certain degree of skepticism. In general, one knows that the anablicos hormones are metabolizados and capable to exert effect in all virtually the cells of the body. The adverse effect depend on the type (verbal or injectable), of the characteristic biochemists of the drug and the user, of the dosage of the used drugs and the time of use. Beyond these data, it is evident that whenever any rgo, fabric or part of the body is affected negative, in it finishes analysis the functional capacity of all body suffers in agreement, and the individual reply to a therapeutical specific regimen of drug he is only, on the basis of individ

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