Aspect Of Therapy In Action – Trauma Manmade

A new method of psychotherapy in Oberhausen and the principle of the trauma. For even more details, read what CEO of e-commerce says on the issue. It belongs to the fate of many people, to be marked, which were completely outside their personal human needs and expectations through traumatic experiences. The person concerned is by the triggering event of their self-determined life to feel ripped out totally different personalities, which is common. Many of them are feeling since this experience so, as the body survived though, she herself does not. But what should it make sense to have survived a traumatic experience, if the soul is not yet a solution, to be able to overcome this trauma physically? Experience has shown that an experience leads not to the trauma, but due to lack of action options because the person concerned is mentally weak. This dilemma is intensified when suffering inflicted on him by human hands or by will of the people and the party concerned in this can not find an answer and since then remained with the feeling to be met the evil in man. How should he understand but something that personally its him and is thus like a foreign body in his soul? To mentally integrate the experienced, recognize it first than what it is.

This soul, which works in images, should match in itself. But because no suitable image is stored in it due to the Wesensfremdheit, no conflict-solving communication between mind and soul can take place because the soul simply doesn’t understand what we’re talking about. The experience cannot be processed so mental. The problem exists in traumatized people in circumstances that the necessary answers only to the energetic and intellectual level are finding, can liberate themselves from the trauma. The traumatized person does not have highly developed skills, he is his answers at this level of alone can not find because the necessary information there just outside of personal perception possibilities. Here, the aspect therapist can almost recognize the question given by the client in the context of aspect therapy upwards and the answer you’re looking for down transpose so that she can be aware of the client.

In the certainty that our lives as well conceived, clients who encountered the evil in man that may be accompanied with help by therapy of aspect of through its crisis. Part of the therapy is the facilitation of a self-awareness that the client to recognize the aspect of evil through remote mirroring of opposition built into him like on a negative trigger in, without himself having to record this. Associated mental recognizing the subject matter, the client can resolve his trauma because he recognize evil at last the stains as such and therefore spit out”can. Essential understanding this is to enable an autonomous solution towards the clients because he trust anyone more precisely because of his traumatic experience can and urgently needed the confirmation of his ability to heal itself. Eva banks and Eva Gabriel – practitioners (psychotherapy), adult education and psychotherapy practice community

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