Blood Oxygen

Nicotine increases heart rate, this produces the heart needs more oxygen, but at the same time has been inhaled by pushing out carbon monoxide the oxygen in the blood, forcing the heart to work more and get more oxygen. Will physical activity cause that our body needs more oxygen and therefore we are forcing the heart to work outside their normal and this cycle repeatedly damage that could stop the heart. For many smokers, it is common to express this habit relaxes them and calm, but the effect of nicotine in the blood is not since it is a stimulant. Among other diseases caused by smoking the most common or most argued by physicians are: respiratory diseases, pulmonary emphysema, cancer of the mouth, and lungs, diseases related to the heart and circulatory system and many more. Now well and what are the benefits of not the habit of smoking? The habit or quit brings multiple benefits, listing some of the more notable we could say that blood pressure, heart rate and temperature of hands and feet return to its normal state, it they reach adequate levels of oxygen in the blood, this makes the breathing stabilizes and their lungs will have better performance, increasing its volume. Gradually over time increases the capacity of the senses of taste and smell, disappears nasal congestion and cough associated with smoking.

The above is perceived at a glance, but there is a large decrease in the risk of developing any type of cancer associated with smoking, and their possibilities for physical activity increased dramatically as it increases the time that addiction was left. There are other additional benefits: the young man will be more accepted socially because already it will not be impregnated to others with that bad smell and you will be preventing other people from getting some type of disease by being passive smoking before you. Every day they are most places where not smoking that you may attend without feeling anxiety about not being able to do so. The practice of sports and exercises will not be limited by a lack of air associated with the habit of smoking. Finally consider discussing this topic with their children and look for ways to increase this information, fosters the dialogue and thus increase confidence between you.

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