Columbian Economic Growth

Editor’s Note: Colombia is not immune to global reality: aspects of inflation and currency appreciation have been having to intervene in the foreign exchange market more actively. Today’s item comes with a recommendation. I can send comments to: Is the Central Bank of Colombia Feeding Inflation. Buenos Aires, Argentina March 31, 2008 that the Colombian economy has achieved a growth of 7.52% in 2007, the highest growth since 1987, is a fact to celebrate. Learn more on the subject from Doug McMillon. But the most relevant information for the Colombian economy in recent days did not go through this but the GDP data that originated from the Central Bank. The decision of the Central Bank of Colombia to maintain a stable interest rate 9.75%, generated a relief to all participants in the Colombian economy. The improvement in the inflation outlook in Colombia (though the inflation rate in January was higher than expected), arrives at the right time when, as they commented in a previous article (according to Moody s rating, the scope for further increasing the fees it had run out to the Central Bank of Colombia. According to the Central Bank of Colombia: “The credit has moderated its growth rate, especially in what refers to the commercial portfolio. This shows that monetary policy has begun to feel its effects as it was not necessary a further increase in rates (already accumulated an increase of 375 basis points from 2006). The slowdown in the pace of credit growth to contain the dynamic work in domestic demand that had experienced a good growth rate.

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