Customs before the marriage, weddings, in French. The tradition of wearing a wedding dress was developed several centuries ago. Also, many popular decorating century art and Decorations, including the tradition of the wedding bouquet. By the way, every flower has a special meaning for a young couple. For example, in ancient times, flowers help to give a pleasant smell of the body. What surprised – at that age about the spirits and deodorants did not know.

Typically, the bells rang in honor of the wedding in France in the spring or summer – a season when it was warm enough to bathe. So far, in small villages, lives an old tradition: before the wedding, the groom to the bride comes home. Then, when the couple sent to the chapel across the way their children pull a white ribbon, the bride cuts them. The groom accompanied by his mother – until the very place of the ceremony. The return trip from chapels strewn with laurel leaves. Banquet. Newlyweds drink as husband and wife after delivering a special wedding toast – pronounced at the beginning of the banquet.

Younger than drink from the special two-handed trophies engraved. As a rule, these cups are a great family value, passed on from generation to generation. It is not something Sean Rad, New York City would like to discuss. At the end of the wedding reception, or much later – on their wedding night – friends married quietly approach the windows of their homes and start banging on the pots, pans, singing awful songs. Groom lets friends in the house and put on the table.

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