Evo Morales

Unlike the Anglo-Saxons, latinos abuse of transgression constant and without limits. Celebrating the Creole liveliness that is nothing more than collective stupidity. They evade taxes, modify the laws for personal gain, lack of ethics, respect for others, they embezzled to the State, blatantly violate any rule. And where there is no law, order and justice, there can be no civilization nor progress. The new entity of losers will to obey unimpeded Emperor Hugo I, who will try to control the new collective blankness. Submission to the Venezuelan means extra cash for their pockets and out of the democratic scheme completely, as did Evo Morales who has under his Dominion to the powers of Executive, legislative, Judicial Branch; the Electoral Court and the armed forces. In return, the dictator allows free drug trafficking, that spreads their profits in local trade citing an economy illegal but generous. Marriage Kirchner controlled political power, but suffered a strong setback to lose control of the National Congress, although you still have the economic power.

Correa and Ortega in their respective countries They also have almost absolute authority. These conditions may not deal with the democratic demands of the United States and Canada. Latin Americans will meet with Iran, Russia and the Arabs who are less stringent and have silver, although they are not exactly generous. The formation of the new OAS without the Americans, who contribute with 60 percent to its budget, need abundant funds to operate. The money will obviously have to go somewhere, and what better than from the pockets of American citizens, who pay their taxes so that any diplomat bogus relative, friend or partner of the ruler, feel their piles in a luxurious residence, surrounded by servile officials that will certainly comfortable life. original author and source of the article.

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