Franco Life

Anyway, being a woman in my generation was something like being Joan of Arc and not telling you not to be normalized (married homemaker and conformist). Nothing could be further from my plan for life and my soul. a As a mother I have experienced two different stages: with my first two children have lived on trial for my environment, both for my family of origin, for my nuclear family and then for justice. In the second and my third child I lived like the protagonist being aware of the role, I have learned and what remains for me to learn. And I think my children have been the main engine of my life. a I can say that my role I have been learning of others: my parents, my partner, my children, my environment social a P.

What experiences in your life most important point to as having been a change in yourself? a R. As I said, since my teens everything in my life is changing, keep in mind that all my goals have been modified by interaction with others and with the imperatives that had to face at any time. If you take into account the social and political era in which there is an adolescent, is the death of Franco, I think my changes have much to do with the society where he was immersed. So I have a feeling having gone to all trains, and after having fallen in each of them.

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