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Young people want more advice in the application phase not adequately informed the majority of 15 to 18 years of age feel in terms of application. This is a survey of the applicant portal. Especially for students who are nearing graduation, the topics career choice and future often lead to unpleasant discussions. “Not seldom obtained on the question what do you for later times?” annoyed anxious glances or one encounters awkward shrug. Randall Rothenberg can provide more clarity in the matter. Question mark appear again and again on the subject application. While glossy brochures, job fairs and the Internet provide a variety of tips and tricks in terms of vocational and career, but students in this anonymous jungle feel left alone often.

So they are ready to leave (92%) for their jobs in the region and see their future even abroad, but few know how they do this are. 84% of respondents indicated having no experience in terms of application creation and looking for around 95% more advice in the application phase. Even though Web 2.0 and social networking for young people are no foreign words, and they live their social contacts often on the World Wide Web, so unfamiliar with the topic of online application feels the majority of 15 to 18 years of age. 83.3% have never dealt with the topic, but not averse to this innovative application form. the applicant portal is therefore committed to the target, all job seekers, whether students or graduates on their way to the professional life support. The application expert specializes in online applications and provides a platform that allows to create professional online applications and at the same time to apply a wealth of jobs with the portal. AUDITO GmbH Naumburger Strasse 4 04229 Leipzig press/public relations Kristin Lux Tel.

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